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Blog Entry: Contest

Blog Entry: Contest
Posted by: Fairygurl27
Posted: March 6, 2008, 2:25:25 PM
Updated: March 6, 2008, 2:27:41 PM
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C'mon people join the contest, guys can participate it doesn't have to be just girls. I'm looking for male characters too. (though the ones i got are nice ^^ )

Task: Create a Bridal Photo however you see it, you can have a couple, or a photo with just a girl or a photo image with just a boy. It can symbolize anything you want.

Ideas: Wedding, Ball, Formal, Special dance, anything you can think of.

1. Must be an original idea; meaning it can't be something you've seen on t.v or by a friend.
2. The dress does not have to be a wedding gown, it can be any style, color or whatever, of your choice.
3. The maximum entries is 4..
4. New drawings would be nice, but I will accept old ones ^^
5. ~Fanart is acceptable so go ahead and draw your fan characters, personas and I will accept anthros.
6. It can be after, before or during wedding, ceremony, dance.
7. Be creative.

This is meant to be a fun and creative contests that allows you to use your imagination.

*Anthros are not in a sub category


Drawings- Section for images drawn completely by hand and no aid of computer images.

Sketch- Drawings with no color

Colored- Drawings colored by markers, colored pencils, etc.

Digital Image

Non-colored- Computer images without color

Colored- Drawings colored completely with art software.
* Drawings scanned and colored are also excepted in this category

There will be three winners(1st, 2nd and third in each category and 4 honorable mentions.

The contest began Monday, January the 21st and the Official Deadline will be May 1st 2008

I hope you participate in this contest!

Prizes are TBA ( haven't decided yet )

People signed up:
Alexis_Hoheimer ~ Entry <
2nd entry <
3rd entry cg cat. <
Folconlobo ~ Entry <
2nd entry <
3rd entry <

If you have any questions you can email me,write in my profile(most recommended) or leave me a pm and i'll get to it asap.[/color]