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pairings new ones added

Blog Entry: pairings new ones added

Blog Entry: pairings new ones added
Posted by: Falconlobo
Posted: April 17, 2010, 7:21:20 PM
Updated: July 29, 2015, 6:10:15 PM
newest one Cedfia Sofia The First Cedric the Sorcerer

only romantic with her aged up 18 and older
younger friends only

Newest one La Muerte X Xibalba from the movie the Book Of Life
Newest one From Sanjay and Craig forgot to put this one before Mr. Noodman X Darlene Patel even though she is Married to Vijay i kind of like Noodman with her since they sort of have a past Butts Up Club he took her cat when she was a kid and it's his cat obsessive now maybe since he thought he could never get the girl since he was so weird and his family was more so and would eat her alive not literally plus he had a fear of her in Laffquake
i dunno I'm a sucker for odd pairings^^
I also like Lola X Mr. Applegate from Damn Yankees

I like Uncle Deadly From The Muppet Show and new Muppet movie i sometimes pair him up with random Girl Muppets and or My oc Molly Mayhem my made up Laffalympics oc Daughter Of Mildew Wolf And Daisy Mayhem her oc Brother is mason he is all wolf Molly is human with wolf ears and tail

newest one Mildew wolf X Daisy Mayhem From Hanna Barbera's Laffalympics

another new one
Dr. Wolfowitz from Three Pigs and A Baby movie X Swineygirl from Marvel comics and Spiderham's daughter a pig with spider powers whose mother is an anthro crane

above are more random xover oc and the topmost one is really random from an old Broadway show
newer ones above also tops

From Mr. Men Mr. Persnickety/Fussy X Ms. Naughty from the show

saw an episode of Mr. Men on Boomerang and Mr. Persnickety/Mr.Fussy hugged and kissed Ms. Naughty i was like wtf lol awesome cuse i like that pairing and how often do you see a kids cartoon where there is any quick lip or any lip kissing lol^^
between 2:27/2:30
new one Megamind X Roxie from upcoming Dreamworks movie not out yet MegaMind

the Trailer made me think they would be a cute couple

new one two bad guys from the newer Peter Cottontail
Irontail X Jackie Frost

i like lots of odd pairings

top faves below

Penelope Pitstop Hooded Claw
from an old show The Perils Of Penelope Pitsto

Mildew wolf X Daisy Mayhem From Hanna Barbera's Laffalympics

Megamind X Roxie my only cannon shipping what the heck lol hero x former villain

Big Cheese Polly from Samurai Pizza Cats

yeh i moved them up in the ranks^^

Herriman X Frankie from fosters

From Monsters Vs Aliens Gallaxhar X Susan

and Dr. Cockroach X Susan too

Cyril Sneer X Melissa Raccon From the Raccoons

Dr. Wasabi X Chick P From Chop Socky Chooks new one^^

Squidward Sandy from Spongebob

Finklestein Sally from Nightmare before Xmas

those are my top faves

those i also like but not as much
From Futurama

Bender Leela

and also Robot Devil Leela

From Kim Possible

Drakken Kim

and also Monkey Fist Kim

From One Piece don't really watch it anymore

but still like Arlong Nami

and from Naruto also don't watch anymore

Sakura Kakashi only older in fics and pics

Grim Mandy only older in pics and fics

Scrooge Mcduck Magica Despell Ducktales

Sort of A Jack Karen Fan from Will And Grace i've seen fics

and one pic done by a friend^^

and maybe many more^^