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If you seen Gaara

Blog Entry: If you seen Gaara

Blog Entry: If you seen Gaara
Posted by: Kakuzu
Posted: January 29, 2010, 5:21:50 PM
Replies: 5

As your walking to the shop you meet Gaara, You would?

1: Give Him a cookie - 2
2: Scream MOTHER!
3: Run away like a little girl
4: Tell him he is unloved by his brother and sister. - 1
5: Tell him Shikamaru said he's gay - 1
6: Make him eat sand
7: Fall to the ground crying n damn them all to hell
8: *Stare blankly*
9: Hug him - 2
10: Impersonate Naruto and keep yelling believe it! ><
11: Sit on him with sasori - 2

This was randomly made by me e.o account of my lazyness this is something i can do without moving that much, LMAO!

Reply: On my profile if you like, Selection can be chosen by one answer or 2 in order you would do them.