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day 7

Blog Entry: day 7

Blog Entry: day 7
Posted by: MarcoTheChipmunk
Posted: November 16, 2016, 2:46:49 AM
Mood: alright
Eating: cookies
Drinking: milk
Dear reader,

My little kitten is sick, but I am sure she will get better <3

This is not the first time I’ve had a cat, my very first cat was a grey cat with a white marking on his chest. I called him Gray Gray. He grew up to be a very tall cat. Sadly, he ran away. He was an outside cat. I still wonder where he went.

I am not really liking Gym class. We are playing basketball and I suck at it. But at least I get to be on the same team as my friend Meg. Her other friend, Zoey is on there too, I am not so good at making friends, so I kinda just stand off to the distance as them two talk.

I am almost done with my catapult in Tech. Class. It is coming along alright, I tapped over it all with some colorful duck tape I have. It is purple and yellow. I will say, and i know this is going to sound really really dumb, but Steven is working on his project next to mine. He has brought in tape of his own, and tapped up his entire project, well, most of it. I guess what i am trying to sayy here is that i feel like he copied me. Stole my idea with the tape because no one did that but me. He is really really hot. I know i am sounding like such a fangirl right now, but you would agree if you saw him too!

I met Meg’s boyfriend again today. He is really nice and chill, he has rude humor but that’s okay because i can take a joke. I may not understand it but i can get it haha.

Love always and Forever