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Blog Entry: IMPORTANT!!!

Blog Entry: IMPORTANT!!!
Posted by: MisschiefMajique
Posted: August 1, 2009, 9:53:20 AM
I know there'arent that many of you keeping an eye on me here, but I think you deserve to know as much as everyone else.

I probably won't be updating as often as I have been. My work placement moves up to 5 days a week starting monday, and more to the point, my father is currently in hospital and we don't know when he'll be out.

His stats are fine, which is what is puzzling the dorctors. He's had several blood tests and two ECG's, and so far they have nothing. He's being referred to a bigger hospital for an angiogram now on monday, which is 17 miles from home. We'll be visiting daily so.... I won't have much time of my hands for drawing and stuff, gomen ne.