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Charm Set 1 Pre-Orders!!

Blog Entry: Charm Set 1 Pre-Orders!!

Blog Entry: Charm Set 1 Pre-Orders!!
Posted by: RyuuYouki
Posted: October 12, 2011, 5:29:51 AM
Mood: Excited
Drinking: Mt Dew
So I know voting was supposed to run till Friday, but sadly there is no way the Tatzelwurm or Manticore will be able to make it into this set in spite of them being two of my favs. Poor Tatzel and Manti only got four votes combined T^T while the 3rd least favorite was the Peryton with six votes. No way either one of them are going to catch up to that. Surprisingly, in spite of being such a lesser known monster the Cu'sith had the most votes with eleven. Must be that sexy tail...

Check out how awesome they look!!

ANYWAY!! Since these are ready early I will open Pre-Orders early as well.

Prices are as follows: $4 each, $3 for 10 or more, and $2.50 for 20 or more, plush S&H. Cell phone straps a +.25 cents each. However, they are free on request for pre-orders submitted before November 2nd.
You can buy the whole set of five for $18 and it will include free shipping and straps.

Creatures in order of appearance:
Peryton Cockatrice Cu'sith Kelpie Dragon

Please use this form below when ordering.You must include this AND your username in the notes section of PayPal!
Charm you would like:
Would you like a strap(s)?(free with set):

Please note me for my paypal if you wish to order. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT BEFORE YOU HAVE SPOKEN WITH ME!! There is only 20 available of each design for this first run. *If I make enough presales I will order the first batch early and order a second batch on the 2nd of November.*

All charms will be shipped out the 2nd week of December. Just in time for the Holidays!