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Vampire Intelligence Agency Database

Blog Entry: Vampire Intelligence Agency Database

Blog Entry: Vampire Intelligence Agency Database
Posted by: ShadowFalcon
Posted: March 7, 2011, 5:09:41 PM
Updated: March 7, 2011, 5:40:13 PM
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Vampire Intelligence Agency Database – Rulers of the Vampire Kingdom
Entry No. 03072011

Name: Lilia Nicole Malkovich-Scarbrough
Sex: Female
Age: 5273
Height: 160.02cm (5'3")
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Blood Type: AB-
Nationality: Estonian

Species: Vampire
True Blood: Yes
Mother: Carson Malkovich
Father: Johnathan Scarbrough
Sexual Orientation: Unknown, believed to be bisexual
Passed Relations: 0 Male, 139 Female
Virgin: Yes

Position: Vampire Queen of all territories in Eastern Europe and Russia
Position Held: 5119 years
Vampires Executed: 174,323 (All in violation of Vampiric Law)
Humans Executed: 187 (All for committing hate-crimes against vampires)

Background: Lilia Nicole Malkovich-Scarbrough rose to the throne at an extremely young age when her mother, Carson Malkovich, was assassinated in a brutal vampire revolution. Taking command of what was left of her mother’s army, Lilia (assisted by the forces of her father Johnathan Scarbrough, King of the Weatern European Territories) violently executed her mother’s killers and immolated anyone associated with them. As of March 2011AD, Lilia has been ruler of the Eastern European and Russian territories for 5119 years garnering a reputation of being ruthless and unforgiving. However, despite her violent façade, Lilia is a caring and rather kind Queen, often seen associating with the common people she rules.

Appearance: Lilia has the form of a fifteen year-old girl, preferring the look of innocence and the small and nimble body. Her arms and legs are skinny, her waist tight, and her breasts small. However, despite her teen body, Lilia has a reputation of pure beauty. She dresses in what most would say a primitive manner, often wearing thin, single-piece robes tied loosely over her right shoulder (in essence exposing the right side of her body) in either white, red, or some shade of blue. She wears no undergarments, feeling them to be useless and uncomfortable. One of her quirks, seen as both strange and attractive, is her detachment to nudity in that she cares not who sees her naked.

Personality: Lilia is the youngest of the five vampire rulers and is seen by the others as ignorant and naïve. However, over the course of her 5119 year term, she’s proven to be a very competent ruler in handling over one hundred vampire wars and several massive insurrections. In her private time, however, Lilia is not the woman most would think her to be. Though a virgin by definition, Lilia is a sexually expressive and rather promiscuous girl asking her female aids and confidants to come into her private room where (it is implied by those aids and confidants) they perform highly sexual acts. It is suspected that she masturbates several times daily in that orgasms are the highest form of pleasure she can attain. Her love-interest, since her youth has been Andre Gabriel Meinhoff-Vostrov (a member of the Malkovich Elite Falcons), however (due to tradition) it would be taboo for a true blood queen to marry a non-true blood.