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Wedding Photos!

Blog Entry: Wedding Photos!

Blog Entry: Wedding Photos!
Posted by: Sliv
Posted: November 26, 2008, 10:33:15 PM
Mood: Happy
Eating: Candy
So here are the best photos from my special day, sorry it’s taken so long!

These first two are from my Hen’s Night.

This photo is of me and Nyss, in a station toilet right before the party started.

And this next one is of me drinking a Fruit Tingle.

This next photo is of me and Nyssa on my wedding day getting ready in my mum’s bathroom. We had a “professional” do our hair and make-up but she was hopeless and made us look like Lebanese prostitutes, so we had to wipe it off and do it ourselves. This picture also gives a nice view of my outfit.

This was taken in my mum’s street (where the wedding party met up). From left to right, Brendan (Best Man), Nyssa (Maid of Honour), Me (Bride), Cat (Groom), Brett (My Brother) and Dan (Nyssa’s Boyfriend).

This is me getting into the bridal car (My Stepmum Lin’s Mustang).

Here you can see both the cars, Dad’s Barracuda in front and the ‘stang behind.

Here’s me and Nyss in the car, and Lin (our driver) in the background.

This is me and Nyss hugging in the wind, with the Mustang behind us and Dad and Lin in the background.

Shoes: Cat’s, Brendan’s, Mine and Nyssa’s

Me and Cat saying our vows with Nyss in the background.

The Kiss.

The Kiss from a different angle.

Man and Wife.

Our rings and my sparkly manicure.

In the doorway of the chapel room: Me, Nyss, Brett, Bren and Cat.

The people who attended the ceremony (my mum is in green).

The people at the ceremony again, this time with Dad and Lin where Mum was.

An excellent photo of Brett, Dan and Nyssa.

A really “arty” pic of the four of us all looking in different directions. And I’m holding my marriage certificate.

Me and Cat kissing in the parking bay of the hotel.

Me and Nyss in the toilets at the reception (we take a lot of photos in toilets together).

Me and Cat, also at the reception.

Everyone who attended the reception (mostly my family).

And there you have it.