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Squiliette [Original Character]

Blog Entry: Squiliette [Original Character]

Blog Entry: Squiliette [Original Character]
Posted by: Squiddykins21
Posted: February 20, 2011, 4:55:49 PM
Mood: Calm
Eating: Krabby Patties
Drinking: Kelp shakes ;)
Currently: Drawing Spongebob fanart :)
Listening To: Spongebob soundtrack
Don't mind this... I just needed a place to put my OC's bio somewhere. I hope she doesn't dound like a Mary-Sue to some of you. She isn't. :P

Name: Squilliette
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Species: Squid
Hometown: New Kelp City (moves to Bikini Bottom soon)
Single?: No
In a Relationship With Who?: Squidward Tentacles
Friends: Squidward (boyfriend), Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, Nancy Suzy Fish, Tina, Fred, Shubie, Pearl, Sandy Cheeks
Enemies: Squilliam (ex-boyfriend)
Fears: Green jelly, heights
Likes: Spending quality time with Squidward if not busy
Dislikes: Anyone that ruins her good mood, Squidward being seen with other girls unless Squiliette says it's okay
Pet Peeves: Being woken up in a good nap, loud screechy noises, being distracted while surfing
Interests: Glowy stuff, Rock n' Roll music
Stereotype: The Surfer Chick

History: She once had a boyfriend named Squilliam Fancyson before she met Squidward, but then dumped him for the way he was treating her, leaving Squilliam still rich, but alone with anger. She was also a former resident of New Kelp City, but then left because she got accepted for a better job in Bikini Bottom.

Personality: Overall, Squiliette is a nice lady. Sometimes she can be clumsy and not lookout wherever she's going, but she still has great eye sight. She loves hitting Goo Lagoon whenever it's a hot day (ocasionally any day if the weather is nice) and break out her surfboard and get in her bathing suit. If there's no wave, she lays down on a towel on the sand and relaxes, trying to get a tan but not overdo it. Whenever it's a calm, normal day she likes to go for a walk in the park with Squidward and enjoy the nature, sit down in one of the benches and read a book. Or, sometimes they just sit fown together and enjoy their day. Squiliette is fun to talk to and be with. She loves partying and dancing and having a good time. Often, she gives Squidward a quick kiss on the cheek because she loves him a lot and likes seeing him blush whenever that happens.

Physical Appearance: Generally looks like Squidward, but is female. She has just right dark brown hair length with a pink bow in it. She wears a dress with a small flower on her skirt that looks like velvet, and a ribbon necklace around her neck. She walks on four tentacles just like Squidward. She is slightly shorter than him, but not by a whole lot.

Talents: Known for as an awesome surfer
Featured In: "Squidward in Love" (fan-fiction coming soon)
Favorite Pastimes: Enjoying the view of children having fun, watching the sunset before it gets dark
Other: Unlike most squiddies, Squiliette doesn't have a nasal-like voice as she talks. She was born that way.
Photo: (coming soon)