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Random stuff

Blog Entry: Random stuff

Blog Entry: Random stuff
Posted by: anyoneintheworld
Posted: May 9, 2010, 11:49:55 AM
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Whisky... i wish
Currently: typing
Listening To: Forgive Me by Evanescence
So this is actually my first ever blog!! Isn't that exciting?? What? It isn't? Well thanks for that, now im all depressed (Hides in corner).

So... as you know my name is Terri. What do you mean do I have a last name?? Of course I have a last name! What?? You want to know it? No!! I'm not going to tell you!! Why would I do that! you could start stalking me!! You're saying you won't stalk me? Oh, ok well here is my cell number, my adress, my school, my bestfriends name and adress, and oh right this is the hiding spot for the keys to my house.

What you didn't get all of that?? Well why weren't you writing it down?? You want me to repeat it now? Seriously?? No. You missed out now it is your problem.

So my favourite books are Harry Potter, Eragon, Twilight(Jacob is so totally hot with his hair cut)(and yes I am on Team Jacob, when I read the books I was team Edward, but then when I saw the movies I switched cause Robert Pattison, although he is hot in his way, he does not compare to the hottness of the REAL Edward! :D)and i also have a huge number of other favourite books one of my favourite authors is Tamora Pierce! She is the BEST!!

So we are now coming to the end of my first amazing blog, I will try to do one at least once a week but if that doesn't happen I do appoligise. Please feel free to comment if you want, even if nobody reads my blogs I will still write. So Bye for now!! *WAVES*