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Contest Results!!!~

Blog Entry: Contest Results!!!~

Blog Entry: Contest Results!!!~
Posted by: darkwolfluv55
Posted: July 6, 2009, 6:20:22 PM
Updated: July 6, 2009, 6:21:43 PM
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OK!! I loved everyone's creation and I think everyone dida good job! But i had to pick my 3 favorites. No hard feelings ok?!

1st Place~ 1513
Congrats!You won 1st place and win 2 requests and a OC/fursona pic of us of ur choice[if ya want]! I LOVE the vocaloids, and thought that you drew them so cute! I laughed at how they were like climbing on the computer screen or TV.

2nd Place~ Chickibo
Congrats you won 2nd place and win 2 requests! The expression on the chibi's face was very cute! Well drawn and shading on it was cool, too!Good job!

3rd Place~ CuteFox300
Congrats!You won 3rd place and win 1 request!I thought the innocently deadly look was very kawaii! I love her bloody hatchet too. hahaha well good job!

To those who didn't win a prize~
Just cuz u didnt get a place doesnt mean i didnt think ur chibi's were absoulety adorable cuz i did!! So just makin sure ya'll know that! :3