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bout meh [stolen from megan, morgan, and some simon person] XD

Blog Entry: bout meh [stolen from megan, morgan, and some simon person] XD

Blog Entry: bout meh [stolen from megan, morgan, and some simon person] XD
Posted by: darkwolfluv55
Posted: November 21, 2009, 10:26:19 PM
Updated: April 19, 2011, 7:06:07 PM
Mood: Alone
Eating: nuthin
Drinking: nuthin
Currently: typing and music enjoying
Listening To: evanescence <33333
ya so i am seeing alot of these blog things so im just gonna jump in too! feel free to copy this and make ur own cuz i did the same! XDD

Name - Jocelyn
Nicknames - joc, jocey, and thats it
Birthday - May 5th
Hair Color - Blonde, black, bright blue, bleach blonde, brown etc XD
Eye Color - Blue <3
Height - 5' 9"
Piercings - Cartiledge, ear lobes, and nose
Tattoos - Yeah I wish!!! <X3
Heritage - Polish and etc. I dun really know...
Personality - Only show my cheerful side to other people unless you piss me off.
Left or Right Handed - Right
Handwriting - uhh I use capital and lower case letters,not too big, not to neat, I x my I's, I combine cursive with printing, I don't know what else...

Food - Ice cream. I dun care if its a food or not!! Its edible, so that makes it a food!! ENDDA STORY!!
Drink - Chocolate milk! <3
Time of Day - Nighttime of course. The moon is gorgeous. And the cool weather is wonderful. I like it no other way
Season - Spring and Fall because usually its warm out with a cool breeze. God I love that. =w=
Day of the Week - The weekends 'cause I hate school work
Color - Black, green, black, grey, white ya know the dark colors or brighter colors with black d(^-^)b
Place in U.S - Minnesota!! I love that place! <3
Place Outside U.S - I don't know... a really pretty place with alot of nature and barely any civilazation
Magazine - I don't know I guess Otaku USA, Nintendo Power or AP magazine
Pet - Dogs, cats, birds.
Friend - I dont have A best friend, I have best friendZ!
Feeling - Usually angry(alot) and sad, cheerful, or calm/content
Show - I dont really watch TV unless its Adventure Time or somethin'

Do You...
Shower Daily - OF COURSE! wtf
Brush your Teeth Daily - Two times. In the morning and before bed
Sing - Yes, I sing a lot. I hope to one day have a career in music or art
Dance - Hell ya! Like all the time!
Drink - No I'm only 14!!!
Smoke - Hell no thats stupid as fnck
Read Books - Yes, I really like the Night World series and Vampire Kisses
Read Magazines - Uh I believe there was already a question like this
Have a Religion - Catholic
Have a Bf/Gf - Yess <33
Play an Instrument - Yes, the piano[which I love], saxophone, and I really wanna learn to play the violin sooo bad.

In the Opposite Sex...
Hair Color - I really like black, but quite honestly it doesnt matter
Eye Color - My preference would be blue/grey, but otherwise I don't care.
Height - I like guys my height or taller than me.
Tattoos - I dont mind!
Piercings - Yes. Yes indeed.X3
Body Type - I dun like really muscular guys, but I dont like super skinny.
Hobbies - Drawing. Browsing the web. Hanging out with my friends or boyfriend <3

Do You Believe In...
Ghosts - Yes, I strongly believe they are real. I've seen a couple, and I think I might have one in my house, but its just a cat spirit so its ok. ^ ^
Aliens - Haha no I dont believe that at all. I believe they can be in another universe, just not this one ._."
God - Yeah of course. I said I was Catholic.
Devil - Uh huh
Heaven - Yeah
Hell - Yup
Afterlife - Yeah
Reincarnation - Yeaa

Have You Ever...
Been Arrested - No
Cheated - No
Been Cheated On - Ya
Had Your Heart Broken - Yesh
Broken Someone Else's Heart - I don't know, I think so
Stripped - No
Kissed More Than Two People In One Night - No
Kissed Someone Of The Same Sex - Yeah
Gotten Into a Fight - Lolz yaaa sortaaa
Passed out - No
Had a Concussion - No
Stolen Anything - Yeah, I regret it a lot though
Done Something you Regret - Uh apparently haha, but ya I do alot of things I wish I never have done.
Been on T.V. - Yup! The news though :P
Been in Love - I'm in it :) <333