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Blog Entry: Requests!

Blog Entry: Requests!
Posted by: desertbreeze
Posted: March 21, 2008, 8:26:34 PM
Updated: August 7, 2009, 2:10:05 PM
Are currently: Ask and you might be lucky

There are a few rules I'd like to specify:
1. One request per person at a time
2. Be specific (don't leave me more than 3 comments describing what you want...)
3. Don't bug me to finish it faster or I won't do it at all!
4. no more than 4 characters per pic
5. OCs are fine but you must provide a reference or a decent description to work from...
6. No exclamation points (You know what I mean!)

I will draw:
Cats (duh)
Emo stuff
Other mammals
Death Note
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy (7,10,10-2, and some of 8)
The World Ends With You
Couples/Pairings (No YURI please)

What I might draw:
My OC's with yours (I have to like your idea)

What I won't draw:
Animes I've never heard of