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Blogging too - how cool!

Blog Entry: Blogging too - how cool!

Blog Entry: Blogging too - how cool!
Posted by: liggybird
Posted: May 7, 2009, 3:49:06 AM
Mood: cheerful
Eating: just about to have lunch
Drinking: fruit juice then coffee
Currently: video editing uploading to youtube
Listening To: my computer's fan
Just dicovered I can have a blog on here. Joined FAC middle of last week. Great site this. Am really enjoying delving into it. Some incredibly talented artists and writers on here.
Yesterday was a good day for me. Went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with my niece and her daughter. On my way to meet up with them I stopped in Sheffield market for a cup of tea. While I was there who should I see approaching but a girl called Nicola who lives fairly near me.
Last time I had seen her, Nicola was heavily pregnant. Yesterday she was pushing a pram in which was her three week old baby. I asked if she wanted to join me and got her a mug of tea.
The baby, Amy, was real cute and had already had more than a wisp or two of Nicola's hair and dark blue eyes. After she had been breast fed (and burped) I was aloud to hold the child for a while.
There were two oldish women at the next table who commented occasionally as Nicola told of the emergency caesarian she'd undergone to have Amy (and how there were fears she and the baby might have died at one point).
I suggested Nicola and her new baby could accompany me to my sister's (where I was meeting my niece - kinda complicated but that's another story) but she was about to meet up with her brother, Andy.
Anyways, she asked if I would be in the market again some time and I asked if next Wednesday same place and time would be ok. It was agreed. So I'll let you know what happens next Wednesday folks.
Strange how the unexpected happens. If I hadn't set off as early as I did and stopped for that cuppa none of that would have happened.
Later my rendez-vous went largely as planned and the film turned out to be way better than any of us expected. All in all a very good Wednesday.