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Hot dinner consolation, old friends and plan B

Blog Entry: Hot dinner consolation, old friends and plan B

Blog Entry: Hot dinner consolation, old friends and plan B
Posted by: liggybird
Posted: May 14, 2009, 2:06:25 AM
Updated: May 14, 2009, 4:22:03 AM
Mood: happy
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Currently: reminiscing
Listening To: my budgie
Yesterday I went to see if Nicola and her new baby would turn up at the market. I mentioned them in my first blog entry if you recall. I arrived about five minutes early and sat with a mug of tea.

Fifteen minutes later still no sign of them so I went and ordered a meat and potatoe pie dinner like I'd just seen the waitress serve to someone else in the cafe. The meal was delicious, so at least I had been in some way 'rewarded' for the trouble I'd taken in getting to the arranged spot on time and looking presentable.

By the time I'd finished the meal still no one had shown up. In a way I was relieved. For one thing I wasn't sure what sort of bother I might be risking getting into were I to get involved with a new teenage mum and her baby. So my disappointment didn't last long - and to tell the truth I would frankly have been amazed if she/they had shown up.

Even so, after I'd taken my dirty plate, cutlery and mug back to the counter and thanked the serving lady (I'd just seen someone else take theirs back - so I felt it only right to do the same) I decided to take a walk round the market building for a last look if there was any sign of Nicola.

There wasn't. But I did see someone else I knew. Kate and her mother Jane and someone else who I hadn't seen before were sitting on a doorstep next to the newspaper vendor's kiosk sheltering from the rain (which had, to my surprise, begun falling quite heavily while I had been in the cafe). I exchanged a few friendly words with these people, then carried on round the periphery of the market.

At the other side of the premises I next saw someone else I know. This was Hannah who serves in a different cafe to where I'd just been. It was only the second time I'd ever seen her away from where she works - and she appeared to be heading away from the market in something of a hurry.

Once more these were things that wouldn't have happened if I'd stayed at home - which re-confirmed my belief that, providing I get out and about, something unexpected will be almost certain to turn up.

I had just seen one Hannah, and, coincidentally, my plan 'B' for the afternoon was to go and see Hannah Montana - the Movie at my usual cineplex. So I hopped a bus and got to the cinema half an hour before the next screening was due to begin. I'm not familiar with the TV shows (in fact I've never seen a single episode) - but I definitely enjoyed the film enormously.

Anyways, that's how yesterday went. On the whole a day I'll remember with a smile.