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Blog Entry: HEYA

Blog Entry: HEYA
Posted by: mandy94t
Posted: January 29, 2008, 3:25:42 PM
Mood: bored
Eating: Doritos
Drinking: root beer
Currently: typing with two fingers like I ain't s'posed to!!
Listening To: my lil bro watching Dragon Ball Z
How are ya?Not much here.Just sitting here inking my crappy manga title page pretending to have a life....
Gawd, I need some serious tutorials.If any of you would be kind enough to supply a few I would greatly appreciate it.
I take requests, although it is unlikely any of you talented people will ask a loser like me to draw something for you.Still, I think it's nice to offer.Shows respect.Excluding the assholes.
She's one huge reason I joined up on here-I wanted to draw like her.Three years later and I'm NOT EVEN CLOSE.In fact, I think I got worse...
Well yeah.Thank ya muchness for reading.Gimme a link to your gallery so I go there and wish I was worth something.^ ^