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The Google Chrome dino also makes the Olympics: how to play it?

Blog Entry: The Google Chrome dino also makes the Olympics: how to play it?

Blog Entry: The Google Chrome dino also makes the Olympics: how to play it?
Posted by: marlabrown
Posted: November 13, 2021, 11:44:23 AM
On the occasion of the Olympics, the game of the dino game on Chrome took to sport. You too can try to bring back medals.

You don't have to be one of the best athletes in the world to compete in the Olympics. Not the real Olympics of course, but almost: those of Google Chrome.

For the Olympics, the browser brought something new to its famous google dinosaur game. The game, which appears when the browser cannot connect to the Internet, has become a favorite with Internet users over the years thanks to its very simple concept and the main character, the dinosaur. And that same dino is now competing in the Olympics - and so are you.

To be able to play the dino game, you don't even have to turn off your Internet access. To do this, follow the steps below.

Go to Google Chrome. If you don't usually use this browser, you will need to download it - Chrome is free.
Once in Chrome, type the address "chrome://dino" in the search bar.

You'll be on the game's home page. If you're on a computer, just press the space bar to start playing. If you're on a laptop, you just need to tap the screen to start the game.

When you see a blue Olympic torch appear on your screen, don't try to avoid it: go straight for it. You will then find yourself in one of the Olympic Games versions of the game: swimming, surfing, running, horse riding, etc.

The game will not necessarily display the Olympic torch immediately. Sometimes you will have to jump over a few cacti before you see her. However, if it does not appear after about ten cacti, you will need to update Chrome.

Once you get to the Olympic games mode, you will only have to play the same way as in the classic game, by pressing the space key if you are on a computer or on the screen if you are on a smartphone .

Depending on the sport offered, your little dino will be dressed in a running jersey, shoes, or will be on the back of a horse. The cacti will be replaced by buoys or stones, depending on the sport. Some versions have other little surprises: in gymnastics, for example, you may see your dino do a little pirouette during his jumps. To change version, just update the page and pick up the Olympic torch again.

Numerama spotted five different versions: running, swimming, surfing, horseback riding and gymnastics, but there may be others.

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