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nothing to do so: Top Ten Favorite Game Girls

Blog Entry: nothing to do so: Top Ten Favorite Game Girls

Blog Entry: nothing to do so: Top Ten Favorite Game Girls
Posted by: matthespeedstar
Posted: August 3, 2015, 9:39:51 PM
Updated: August 3, 2015, 7:35:16 PM
Hey all. So despite the uber inactivity, I'm still around, trying to get back into doing some drawings, but for now (and this is something I like but can't really do other than like this) to at least show I'm not dead or anything, a written top ten of my "personal opinion" fave girls from gaming. Of course, like how it's done on Youtube, one per franchise, and they are not included because of fanservice. Ok? Then we're ready to run through this!

Also, BIG SPOILERS ALERT! Read at your own discretion.

10. Lucina - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Lucina's actually the most recent favorite for me, hence why she's at the bottom. Two personal interests do factor in, but how she develops throughout Awakening while keeping her goal to prevent Grima's return in mind does show a great deal of strength. I do wish they did a bit more with her identity though, as she's mostly remembered for her acting as Marth, making it so she has the exact same moveset as him in Smash U/3DS, with only the damage output equalized throughout her Falchion. And while she tries to keep her goal in focus, she does put a bit too much focus on it. I certainly get why she would, but it can kind of make her not be how she wants to be at times, like her fear of failing has to have her suppress her emotions a little. But she does at least have some funny moments in her support conversations. Also, she wields a sword and is a blunette. There, those personal interests I mentioned. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention you can persuade her to become your 'waifu' legitimately in-game? ;) (personal note: her mother was Olivia in my playthrough. Chrom, you sly pervert you! I never suspected you to be the type for harem dressed girls.)

9. Calista Arganan - The Last Story

Part of this choice is cause of how the game has some Zelda hints, but Calista herself is far from helpless. Took me a bit (plus my LP of the game) to see clearly what she's like. You get to see two sides to her through the events of the game, starting with the curious girl known as Lisa who Zael gets to give her the night of her life. But afterwards, he sees what she is really like and what she has to go through daily. The big reason for me about Calista is she is against how those with status flaunt it to have their way, and does not want Zael to be caught up in that. She however tends to be very hard on herself, feeling that if things happen to others under her uncle's rule, it's her fault. But after she hears that Zael understands her feelings clearly, she gets the strength needed to break away from her uncle's hold on her in one of the game's best moments to me. When she needs to fight, her Arganan lineage grants her use of nearly unmatched magic power, making her invaluable to the party as both an offensive/support mage, and as a healer. She also has a good design, with silvery hair, and quite a voice for a young woman. But she is this low due to having a lot of wasted potential as a playable character in the story, only played as for a stealth mission. That and if you play a certain chapter, her and Zael get hitched, so sorry fanboys, this lovely lady is taken.

8. Yunica Tovah - Ys Origin

I'd recommend the game this warrior woman's from, it's on Steam and the gameplay's pretty good. I freakin' loved going through her story in the game! (Even though it's not 100% canon) Yunica's awesome as she can climb the hellish domain known as the Devil's Tower by herself. Down to earth, she's quite friendly and does her best to help those in need, even if it involves going into a fight without thinking of the consequences. Yet at times, she feels her inability to use magic like everyone else makes her inferior, making Yunica's playthrough more of a proving grounds to show she can do what anyone else can, even if she has no magical ability. In the later areas of the game, she begins to show her worth more and more to the others, even to the point of making the main villains afraid of her enough that they'll resort to cowardly tactics to impede her progress. To me, her best moment was after mourning the loss of her close friend near the end of the game, (which is not canon) the track Beyond the Beginning plays and she races to the top with renewed determination to end the struggle once and for all, letting no demon stop her at all! Just shows you only need to believe in your own power to bring the smack down on some poor demon that dares to oppose you.

7. Samus Aran - Metroid series

Nut beeg soup rice I included everyone's favorite badass bounty hunter who shoots the living crap out of everything in sight. Well that isn't why she's here. Believe it or not, Other M is how I grew to like her, and even to get more into the franchise itself. Samus may as well have been a robot if nearly everyone doges about her having emotions and trauma. News flash, you immature idiots, she's still human on the inside like we are! Anyway, I can admit the emotional stress at a certain part of the game was exaggerated a bit but I just think how Samus is depicted does not justify gamers calling her weak or a whiny dog. But she gains strength through these emotions in the long run and shows some a bit in Fusion as well through certain cutscenes. Plus learning more of her backstory and having friends/allies was nice since it was something her character lacked a bit. Doesn't make her any less of a badass if you ask me. Anyway, I don't know if this feels like a best moment but to me it's when Adam, both Fusion and Other M, gives Samus the last objective for that game, since that's when they both know what needs to be done to ensure peace and safety remains throughout the galaxy.

6. Rosalina - Mario series

Yeah, "space waifu" is here too, but that ain't why. Simply put, her backstory from Super Mario Galaxy and her playability in games afterwards, including 3D World. And let's face it, she's the mother of the cutest little star beings you'll ever meet. What more is there to like? I'm just glad they went with her look now than that beta design. Anyway, what Rosalina can do is simply cosmic. (See what I did there? lol) Travels the entire universe to make sure things are all good and well, has combat capabilities as shown in 3D World, can generate an energy bubble around herself, or the Comet Observatory to repel and destroy anyway in its way, and can even utilize any power-ups gotten. As for a best moment, it's before the final battle when she creates the bridge for Mario or Luigi to reach the center of the universe. (Oh yeah, and Luma when it fights in Smash is so adorable!)

5. Shantae - Shantae series

I had to put Shantae on here since I'm a backer for her 4th game. Also, her concept and abilities show she has moves and knows how to use 'em! She also has a bit of development over the course of her trilogy. At first, she's a little scared of being found out as a half genie by her hometown but still goes to great lengths to protect them as well as Sequin Land from Risky Boots, then afterwards we see her now feeling over-confident which leads to Risky's revenge scheme pretty much succeeding and makes her fully human. But it's through this that she really begins to grow and become much better in Pirate's Curse through her experience being human. Not to mention she's fought the most dangerous undead scourge of the land alone when originally it took every full genie's power to beat him! That there is Shantae's best moment, fighting the Pirate Master and coming out the victor, regardless of the ending you get. A cute hair-whipping, belly dancing, pirate pounding half genie, what more could you ask for her? Also, Shantae for Smash! She deserves it!

4. Princess Elise III - Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)

Surprised? Yeah, I'm one of those weirdos who likes a character most hate on because of certain events. Yeah there is a small pity factor in this, but frankly, she's strong in ways that I both respect and admire. Having to suppress emotions and tears takes a great deal of mental strength. And a lot of the time, she does what she can for Soleanna. Plus you gotta admit, Elise is kinda cute too, right? Right? Anyway, the events of '06 helped let her feelings grow a bit more, despite it nearly leading to the destruction of space-time itself. But one of the big things about Elise now that further cements her as one of my favorites is after the events are erased, she's now a clean slate for everyone. So she can kind of be anything. But what I hope for is for Sega to give her another chance. But given how stupid most of the Sonic fanbase is and what they do, I doubt they could without getting bullied about it. But no matter what, Elise to me is a likable character, as well as my favorite game princess, and I wouldn't change my mind for anything. (Anyone who tries to is going to get a shotgun to the face)

3. Xion - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

It was a toss-up between Xion and Aqua, but I like Xion better as she has growth throughout her game where Aqua didn't really have much and her playthrough in Birth By Sleep was the least in contributing to the overall plot. But anyway back to Xion. She came to be through the use of Sora's memories of Kairi to gain an identity at first. But throughout the course of the game, she continues to grow as a character and best friend to Roxas and Axel as her own person. So it was pretty sad when she chose to return Sora's memories, even though she had to. But no matter what, she remained good until the end, even after Roxas had to fight and end her. She wanted to do what was right, even if it meant never existing in the end. Her growth and feelings towards her friends, as well as her own strength, are why I like her and that I hope she will return in some way in the series.

2. Zelda - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Elise is my favorite gaming princess, plus Zelda in Skyward Sword is technically NOT a princess. Zelda this time is pretty much your average village teenager and childhood friend of Link, something I'm glad they went with cause it's a new take on the iconic characters of the franchise. Plus let's face it, Skyward Zelda is adorable and has more character than than her descendants! That and this Zelda isn't too afraid to get her hands dirty if needed. She only gets better as she dons a lovely white dress, and aids in the rebirth of the Master Sword as the final key to unlocking its legendary power. So even if we don't really see it, Zelda played her own active role throughout the events of the game. But if that isn't enough, she can take the place of Hyrule Warriors's Zelda through DLC. (And to be honest, she looks kinda hot in Hyrule Warriors) Anyway I doubt any future games in the franchise will come up with a Zelda as cute, active, and overall awesome as Skyward Sword's. 

1. Dawn - Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Ok I'm cheating a bit on this, but Dawn's my overall favorite fictional girl, game and anime. But it took Pokémon Diamond for me to see how she is, was, and can be. Pretty much anything Dawn did in the anime, you can have her do in the game as well. But you can't deny what she does in both. Dawn is able to stop the destruction of the entire Pokémon universe and calm the deities of time and space! On top of that, she pretty much becomes a close friend to Sinnoh's Champion, Cynthia. Ok I can admit I'm making all this sound a bit over the top since she's the girl trainer in the games, but can you blame me? She can do some pretty grand things. Also, her design (and I guess personality too) is to me, a pinnacle of cuteness that I can't help but love. By the way, did I ever bring up she's quite a bubbly blunette? XD But, favorite Poké girl, in my fave region, which also has my fave Pokémon? Yep, Dawn and Gen IV pretty much has all I love about the franchise. But, now I am interested as to how a possible Gen VII/VIII will take Sinnoh and Dawn. Hopefully, it'll overall better and not redesign Dawn like they did with May....\

Oh yeah, I forgot to do some honorable mentions. ^^; Well, I'll put some up for you guys.

Saria (TLoZ: Ocarina of Time) - fav girl in the game, wished she was in Hyrule Warriors too...
Palutena (Kid Icarus: Uprising) - the humor she gives
Amy Rose (Sonic series) - was my fave of the franchise until Elise came in.
Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) - had I finished the game, I'd have more to say ^^;

Anyway, there you have it! I bet some of those surprised you, while others were quite well expected. But again, these are my opinions on these characters too. Hope you enjoyed, this took a long time to type out!