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I can't believe this!

Blog Entry: I can't believe this!

Blog Entry: I can't believe this!
Posted by: matthespeedstar
Posted: July 31, 2016, 7:19:10 PM
Mood: REALLY stressed
Ok, so those who weren't aware of it, I had a "last resort" account on dA, in case every other fanart site failed or shut down, known as MTSS22.

Well, I try to log on it this morning, and I can't. I was ready to get its email switched as that had been hacked at some time beforehand.
I look around friends' profiles or certain pics to see if I came up anywhere, and then I saw it. My account was hacked AND deactivated!
Seriously, WTF?! Just.... why? Why?! I had done plenty to give hackers a hard time breaking in! Still.... why?!

Well, you know what? Hacker... you f**king win. I hated dA and a lot of people on there anyway! But... I did have some friends on there too...