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Adoption Infos Here!!

Blog Entry: Adoption Infos Here!!

Blog Entry: Adoption Infos Here!!
Posted by: miknart
Posted: July 11, 2008, 11:29:53 AM
Updated: August 4, 2008, 6:36:27 PM
Listening To: jyongri - lullaby for you
0_____0 i just thought I'd do this since I might start being in adoption making mode 0___0

If you guys got a Suggestion tell me!!!! XD

Details =]
_________ Adoption
Day takes place: Date it will be on
Time Limit: When the adoption is closed
How many will be there: # of adopty things there are (if coming soon)
Currently left: # of adopty is left (if it is currently up)
Feedback: 0___0 stuff.....

Current Adoptions still running.....

Wolf adoption ( Dai & Kuro )
Day takes place: August 4
Time Limit: none 0___0
Currently left: 4 pups
Feedback: Metaknight56, Icestorm, Darkyoshi555, Angel_of_Aquas, and NamidaNara are the only people who get to adopt them.

Coming Soon Adoptions =] is............

Cat Costume Adoption 2
Day takes place: Some Where in August
Time Limit: None
How many will be there: 9
Feedback: Guess which Kitty is dressed up as =] after 3 chances you still get the kitty =D, Name will stay the same except for pokemon names you can change it =D

Fox Adoption
Day takes place: August o____o
Time Limit: none
How many will be there: 6 or more
Feedback: none, first come first serve

Finished Adoptions

Cat Costume Adoption
Day takes place: Somewhere Between July 13 - 16
Time Limit: None
How many will be there: none 0__0
Feedback: None, it's a feel free to adopt until all gone!

Adoptions I will not do
Dragon Eggs
1. cuz i had a hard time drawing them all on the xlos3rx account >__< i'm still not even done it 0___0
2. cuz i draw dragons big and times that with a lot of eggs >__<

0____0 i think it's just the dragon eggs i won't do, i'll do dragon eggs if i'm not to lazy to draw the actual dragon >__<