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Blazing Pokemon FanClub Info

Blog Entry: Blazing Pokemon FanClub Info

Blog Entry: Blazing Pokemon FanClub Info
Posted by: miknart
Posted: August 4, 2008, 8:54:09 PM
Updated: August 7, 2008, 3:57:46 PM
Drinking: hehe i'll always be drinking nestea XD
Since ArK9 doesn't uses her account as much anymore i thought i might as well do it XD but not on the Hacfc one though o___o

Ready! Let's get started XDD

BPFC stands for:

OFFICIAL BPFC MOTTO made by *Drumroll* Darkyoshi555/Ark9 (just to make sure same person xDD)

Down with water! Up with fire!
Let no water kill our power
That is our desire!

Official Open of BPFC: July 14, 2008 (AN IMPORTANT DATE TO REMEMBER! XP)

NOTICE: BPFC Updates will be at the bottom of this blog (Updates: check to see new things happening etc. members, stuff...)

What We Are Doing So Far In BPFC:
- Banners; mostly to get more members (Submit them,tell me and i will add them in the Banner Blog X3)
- Make Fake Fire Pokemon; Cause in the whole entire PokeWorld theres ONLY 35!!!!!! (THE POKEWORLD NEEDS MORE x____X)
- Suggestions; yes the whole club can gives suggestions o___o and when i mean that i mean if you suggest something everyone has to agree to it o___o (by suggestions i mean thing we can do for the Fanclub like changing things or Add things for the club!)

Joining Requirements!! (don't worry it's nothing serious XD)
NOTE: When you join you should talk to the other members =] the won't bite i would...if you were a guy =D lol, & Tell me if you want me to tell you about new members!

-YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE FIRE POKEMON XP (i don't mean you have to ONLY like fire pokemon i just meant fire pokemons gotta be ONE of your favorite pokemon type X3 tell me if i get to confusing for you XD)
-Pick a Fire Pokemon!!!! That's not already been picked by our members >__< Sorry for the inconvience o___o

Rules for picking a Fire Pokemon
1. The pokemon of course has to be a fire pokemon XD
2. No Repeats 0___o
3. May be a normal/shiny/or a random color XD



ArK9/Darkyoshi555 - Arcanine
icestorm - Shiny charizard
Jackismyman - Moltres
qgcooper - Flareon
CatOfTheFlames - Quilava
mexmyselfxandxIZ - Ninetales
Skything - Shiny Rapidash
Yoru4Shi - Shiny Arcanine
KatieWorm - Houndour
MetaKnight56 - Growlithe
jeffhardylover - Numel
notconfused - Ponyta
Airbender234 - Charmander
SilverDragonFire - Silver Charmeleon
CrystalKnight - Typhlosion
brownsugar - ???
sorakeyblader258 - Chimchar
FeralFatale1207 - Entei
hacFC/MikNart - Houndoom

ummm.... 0____0 tell me if i forgot someone & their Pokemon o__o (me and my bad memory x___X)

*UPDATES* - they will be dated so you know =D
NOTE: NMM(s) = New Member(s) =]

August 7 - NMM! FeralFatale1207 - Entei
August 6 - NMM! sorakeyblader258 - Chimchar
August 5 - NMM! CrystalKnight - Typhlosion
August 4 - NMM! SilverDragonFire - Silver Charmeleon
July 26 - NMMs! Airbender234 - Charmander, notconfused - ponyta
July 22 - NMMs! jeffhardylover - numel, MetaKnight56 - Growlithe
July 20 - NMMs! KatieWorm - Hourdour, Yoru4Shi - Shiny Arcanine
July 19 - NMM! SkyThing - Shiny Rapidash

uhh o____o i'm to lazy to search for the earlier updates lol xD