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Blog Entry: oAo I HAZ JOO NAO!

Blog Entry: oAo I HAZ JOO NAO!
Posted by: monkey_banana_smoothie
Posted: July 7, 2009, 6:49:06 PM
Updated: July 7, 2009, 6:49:58 PM
Mood: Tired, but what else is new?
Eating: Gum...I guess O_o
Drinking: The bestest soda in the whole world
Currently: Abusing self nonpurposefully game! 8D HOORAY!
Listening To: System of a Down >w<
Hey~......Just thought I should update this thing...after a year >w> <w<

Holy shoot, how I type has changed SOOOOO much O_o Am I the same person? Or have I been ubucted by aliens and switched with someone with more sanity? Have I died?!?!?! No. No, not at all. I've just matured a bit is all.

Updation about life? Nothing really. I have a huge detestation of Christians because of my history teacher. Because of him and his 'refering EVERYTHING to Christianity because EVERYONE is Chrstian and I will ignore all of the kids who do not have a single effin' clue about Christianity'ness, I got summer-fracking-school. Wonderful, eh? Oh, yes, so wonderful, indeed.

Anyways, next summer, I will NOT have summer school cause I have bigger plans. Plans which involves getting away from the computer for long times. So yeah. >3o Update later. (watch, it'll be another year!)