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Blog Entry: hi

Blog Entry: hi
Posted by: sasukerulez4ev
Posted: May 23, 2009, 11:42:02 AM
Mood: in pain
Eating: grilled cheese
Drinking: coke
Currently: no more
Listening To: guitar vs piano2
hi everyone as u know ive been places only someone could dream ive been to a rainforest saw tocans tree frogs and other stuff i saw tornados floods and what not at these things that ive been through i broke my foot i had to get stiches i might of popped a knee cap my hous almost caught on fire my dog ran away never came back im at the betch were someday i might die one i could be sleeping but never wake :( so im spending my days well i wish everyone good greif good day and a how do u do cause u might not see me no more my stories arent fiction my stories arent fake my srories are real mate so it proves with out a trace u could die one day good bye farwell soo long just cya :( :( :(

your friend