Blog Entry: Did Carmelita Fox go back in time???
Posted by: tennesseekidcooper5
Posted: September 24, 2008, 8:26:33 PM
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yo! i got a question that won't have a proven answer unless there's gonna be a Sly 4 involving Sly going back in time to see his ancesters. so, just give me ure thought.

ok, here's my question:

notice that in Sly 1 (and ONLY in Sly 1!), Tennessee Kid Cooper and Carmelita Fox have the same type of jackets. ok, they have some different things on 'em, but u know what i mean. did Carmelita go back in time to get her jacket from wherever Tennessee got his???

like i said, this won't have a proven answer.

so just give ure thoughts on this.