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Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 1 *favorites*

Blog Entry: Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 1 *favorites*

Blog Entry: Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 1 *favorites*
Posted by: tennesseekidcooper5
Posted: November 23, 2008, 6:22:05 PM
Mood: sickened by the show my dads watching
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i dunno. I'm bored. so, i'm gonna list my favorite, neutral, and most hated mutants (titans) from Crash Of The Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant (in three different blogs) in no particular order! (they're classified, of course) :)


TK, the weird, adorable sound-making, telekinesis mutant from Mind Over Mutant! (i dunno what convinced me, i just luv him!)

Stench, the mutant who has oder problems from both games! (i like him more in Titans; they ruined his look in Mind Over Mutant)

Snipe, the razor-sharp feather throwing mutant from both games! (his collectible skin is really cool (heck, Crash is wearing it right now!); he's really cool too!)

Grimly, the scary, freaky, time-slowing titan from who KNOWS where! err, i mean, from Mind Over Mutant (scary. scary, but cool)

Scorporilla, the giant scorpion-gorilla from both games! (she's huge! and she's the only huge mutant u'll see in my favorites)


Battler, the belarged bat from both games! (his screeching is scary, and i'm not very good as him, but he's cool ^^)

thats all for this blog ^^ two more sequels coming soon.
ps: i tried fitting all three sequels on one blog, but some complications ocurred.