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Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 2 *neutrals*

Blog Entry: Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 2 *neutrals*

Blog Entry: Titans from COTT and CMOM pt 2 *neutrals*
Posted by: tennesseekidcooper5
Posted: December 2, 2008, 4:51:09 PM
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FINALLY!!!!!!!! part 2 of 3!!! ok, here are my neutral mutants:

Sludge, the disgusting, slime-made freak from both games (i HATED him in Titans, but he turned out to be very useful in Mind Over Mutant. if that hadn't happened, he would've been in my most hated)

Rhinoroller, the rollin'-for-a-livin' rhino mutant from both games (i like him more in MOM {Mind Over Mutant}, hes more useful)

Shellephant, the mutant made from a shell and an ellephant mutant from both from Titans (i dunno. i just don't like him much)

Ee-lectric, the electric lizard titan from Titans (funny. hes the only projectile mutant whos not in my faves. i dunno y though)

Yuktopus, the music blowing yak/octopus/cyborg from both games (to tell the truth, hes a little scary, well, at least in MOM, he is)

Spike, the.... i dunno mutant from both games (seriously, i dunno y hes not in my faves)


Ratcicle, the ice bending mutant from both games (i got nothin' to say here)

thats all for part two! part three coming.... sometime... i dunno when...