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the importance of my mission

Blog Entry: the importance of my mission

Blog Entry: the importance of my mission
Posted by: xAido06
Posted: November 2, 2008, 11:32:31 PM
Updated: November 2, 2008, 11:33:15 PM
Mood: great sadness, anger, and confusion
Eating: bread
Drinking: nothing
Currently: research
Listening To: the sounds of my enemys
to whom it may concern

as some of you may know
i am undergoing a mission tosave the life of my friend
me and some of my associates are in this together
this explains my recent absentsense
i may not have enough time to get on
i am either doing research or putting my life on the line for him
my only hope is to have him return to me safely
i cannot tell you what my mission is
nor can i say whom my associates are and my friend is
and to this i am greatly sorry
i am telling you to much already and most likely be punished for it
but there is no boundry between my friends that i must keep
though this mission is entirely secret
i will spare you the details i have just given you
if i shall not return plese do not mourn me
i am only one humble vampire
trying to do whats right
for the life of others
and the life of my friend
i leave you this message
either as rememberance of me
or my legacy

noble vampire, and forever gratefull to justice
-Hanabusa Aido