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My thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements today

Blog Entry: My thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements today

Blog Entry: My thoughts on the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcements today
Posted by: xXElectric-HybridXx
Posted: May 10, 2016, 6:22:46 PM
Updated: May 10, 2016, 11:22:55 AM
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Well, I'm going to cover the most known part first: the starters.

Okay, so, the starters. They're.... something.
I think it's interesting their bringing another duel typed starter in off of the back. The only other one we've had is Bulbasuar who was grass poison. I was kind of disappointed to find out the duel typed Pokemon was the grass starter yet again, but I think Rowlet is the best designed starter in this batch. The name's quite interesting and what I get from the name is being a fuse of Rowan, like the tree which works well as it's a grass starter and I could hint at tying in with Gen 4, and the 'let' at the end implies it's a baby, hence it being the start of an evolution chain. The design is cute and simple and provides a great base for a real kick-@$$ final evolution.

The next to be revealed was the fire starter, Litten. Already with the name alone screams unoriginality to me. Litten is literally just a fuse between 'lit' and 'kitten' and it's the most unoriginal name they've even given a starter, and I thought Turtwig was the worst they could come up with before Litten was released. The design is also quite bland to me. It comes across as a little too plain to me; it actually reminds me of Chikorita as the designs are too basic and look like they were designed by a small child. I just hope their evolutions give this Pokemon some hope. Due to the colours, it looks like it could be a fire dark type when it evolves.

And finally..... Poppilo......
Oh god this design is so cringy and makes me dislike water starters just a bit more. I'll admit it's got the most interesting name and I can't figure out the meaning aside from 'pop' which reminds me of 'pup' which is a baby seal, which is what the Pokemon is based on. The design is obviously based on circus seals, but other than that, nothing stands out for me.

So, if I was to select one of these, it would be Rowlet from where it stands at the moment. Hopefully Litten and Poppilo's evolutions will help improve them.....

And now, the Legendaries shown. As of yet, they have not been given names, so for now I'll call them Sun and Moon for the respected games.

So, Sun looks pretty amazing for me. It's based off of a lion and it has some really nice nods to it's sun roots. Also, the spikes around it's face remind me of the ones around Arceus's body. Again, I think it could be a nod to Gen 4. The design is really simple yet complicated at the same time; it has a really great balance. I've only got one issue with the design and idea; it reminds me of Entei. Both are reminiscent of lions and Sun's design looks like it could at the very least be part fire type and Entei is a fire type.

And Moon......
It's too much for me. It genuinely is. compared to Sun, the design is too overboard and if you were to put Sun and Moon side by side, it's pretty obvious that Moon will catch your attention more than Sun. However, the design really closely resembles the night as it's quite bat-like and the head is shaped like a crescent-moon which I think is kind of cool. It's really original compared to Sun.

If I was to pick one of the two, as it stands, I'd have to go for Sun surprisingly. I've always gone for the softer colour version: Soul Silver, Diamond, Black/Black 2, X and Alpha Sapphire, so why am I going for Sun? Simply because Moon is too much of an eye-sore to me and I much prefer Sun's design.

And now, for what the game looks like and how it'll play.

So, first off, it's confirmed that you'll be able to choose the pigment of your character's skin like in X and Y. And, am I the only one to notice this, or do the models used for the main characters' look taller than in X,Y,Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby? I think that's pretty interesting. 

We also have the Region's name confirmed. The region will be called Alola and that's basically confirmed the region will be based on Hawaii. The visuals look amazing and beautiful and we've only seen about 10 seconds of footage for the region. We have also had the name of the person who gives you your first Pokemon confirmed - Hala.

And, from what could be seen in the trailer, trainer customisation might be making a return.