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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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It a fanfiction that I'm making and it about bladers save the world from evil.
It a love story of Victoria and Tsubasa and I hope you guys enjoy and it from Beyblade Metal Fusion and Metal Masters.
It about two crossover between a InuYasha character and a Yu-Gi-Oh GX Character being in love for each other and how they meet.
Something thats flying around in my head.
It about three of my oc from Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, and 5D''''s.
It a love story about Zane and Victoria fall in love.
This is a love story for victoriazepeda. It in progress, butI hope you like it.
My sad attempet of writing a kick @$$ fanfiction of Death Note.
All Death Note Characters (c) Ohba and Ohbata
Jessica Sony (c) Me
Rachel has had the same horrible dream for 2 weeks. She thougt nothing of it at the time, untill her and her friends got trapped in one.
This is one of my first storys that actually came out good. Please comment.
This is the Story of Ryu Kozaku, a Boy who has A monster, Onaga the Dragon Emperor, inside of him.What is This Beast? And Why has it fallen to darkness? Read and Learn the Story that started it all...
This is a Fanfic about my character Jessica and stuff and just prety much all the stuff that hapnes to her and stuff!
Something funny that meh and meh neice made up! XD