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just another cute funny random Big Cheese X Polly fic
Just a Big Cheese x Polly fic in which he wants to ask her to go to a dance but he's a bit shy

let's hope she says yes it's my fic so i know what she says^^
Just another what if Big Cheese X Polly story

taking place after the time travel episode
Just a Pizza cats self insertion story with a twist

instead of me trying to get with Big Cheese

I try to get him With Polly^^
Taking place after the Xmas Episode

The Big Cheese Gets a blind date with a certain kitty

will it lead to love?
Polly Goes on a spying mission that does not go as planed

and results in A kiss From Big Cheese

What will happen after tune in to find out^^
Hi this is my fanfic, 'Hardly Harley!'. I've already posted this in but I decided to post it here as well.
A Made Up Middle and End to the Episode

The Cheese Who Stole Xmas
Gnarly my oc Gecko

uses his wits and Mistletoe to Get Big Cheese and Polly together

How? He makes Big Cheese see What he could lose

if he does not act on his feelings^^
two Pizza Big Cheese X Polly Cats stories one funny

one funny and sad

first one funny^^

rated Mild violence for almost death in second story
Big Cheese tries to make Amends

for Calling Polly Ugly In the Past and hopes for the best
A Big Cheese x Polly fic

that is also a pic's story description that i
made for a friend of mine
A Cute short story with Big Cheese and Polly that Is also going to be a story description for a pic I'm gonna put up^^
This is my Air Gear story that includes me,enjoy!
Big Cheese was Back From The Far Past somehow

and wanted to apologize to Polly for calling her Ugly in the past and hope for the best and to win her over
Big Cheese's Fox Tailed-Mistle Toe Trap is sprung

By Jerry Atric But Will It Get Big Cheese A Kiss From Polly
Big Cheese X Polly poem fic story

also a description for a pic

with similar title
This is an alternate afterwards to the Great Comet Caper

Getting together Big Cheese and a Pretty Kitty

he's not gay in this fic

i say that cuse lots think he is but i don't^^
This is A Samurai Pizza Cats

One Sided Big Cheese X Polly Fic

On Big Cheese's side in thoughts only

taking place before The Cheese No longer Stands Alone
This is my first fan Fiction, so plz dont be mean. I hope you enjoy it.Its a very short chapter, but my next will be longer, I promise. plz comment if you like it
This is My first Fanfiction The Rabbit And The RedHead

Two Zany events put into motion The Getting Together of a Certain RedHead and Lopp

I am of course talking about Frankie And Heriman

and sorry for any bad spelling
What did Frankie Almost Say After I... before Herriman left Foster's after losing the presidency to her what was she trying to say? Here's how I thought That episode should have ended
This is what i thought Herriman was thinking about in the pilot eppie before Duchess almost got adopted it is A Flashback story also partly a Frankie Herriman slight romance story