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A continuation to Buried Secrets. Kodi vows to never love again...but the new addition to the dog team may make him break his vow.
this kinda the jist of whats stiring up in me, cant explain it though. oh well, hope ya'll like it.
What if in the episode Kagome's Voice And Kikio's Kiss, Inu-Yasha DIDN'T wake up as Kikyo was dragging him down to hell? A Sesshomaru/Kagome fic, even though I really don't believe those two are a good couple.
every thing here is all true, cuse of my son-of-a-dog cousin, Sean >_< DRAGONS I HATE HIM! and i heard that his life aint going so well X) as it says though, I'm broken...
heh i was bored (what else is new) but i like it >^-^< its 'sposed ta be
some-what up lifting. comment if u please.
dedicated to the San Diego fires...that are destroying my home town
again, dont ask.
...dont ask...
i thought of this during Spanish class...THATS probly why im failing ^-^"
but i like it, it turned out a lot better than i thought it would. im kinda trying to make it into a song ^-^"
i was bored in math class (u cant learn any thing in the class i was in anyways)
if i messed up my wording, sry, but im not that good at English
its kind like whats going on in side me