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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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What will happen when a time lord,and teacher/Archeologist and a high functioning sociopath meet? find out in my book SherlockWhoJones
Note: I do not own the characters in this story they are owned by BBC and Lucasfilm  
I know, I know; The title is horrible. I didn't know anything better, alright?! 

Anyways, It's about me. See it as a diary or a blog about my life. I guess you'll find out more about me than anyone of my regular friends ever has or will. There is not much to tell. 

If you're interested you can read it, if not.. Then don't ♥ 

(LGBT topics!) 
All my f.cs
All of my thoughts of life and pain.
Dthis is not a anime or manga but a show i watch called Doctor who and it will be a crossover with Indiana Jones
My story is about how they solve another mystery
My story is going to be about how hiccup meets Eragon for the first time
My story is going to be about Indy and he's on an adventure and he meets this new girl captured by the Russians and she has a secret life as a dragon
My story is about Danny in Amity Park and it's Valentines Day. and Danny wants to give Sam the best Valientines Day ever she'll never forget.