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Deadpool and Wolverine team up again in another installment of Wolverine and Deadpool: Buddy Cops
On a search and rescue mission in Japan the X-Men uncover secrets they could not imagine and unlikely allies. What Consequences will they face? What challenges? And above all, will mankind survive this new undertaking? No slash.
Warren Wothington III (Angel) has just lost the love of his life and doesn't know what to do. Grace, the closest one to him, has opened her arms to him, but will he accept them. Will he make her his own or continuosly bask in what was lost?
Sequel to If I Had A Delerium. A mysterious new foe appears with one task, to kill all of Emplate's servents. Now Generation X must try to save one of their own before this foe succeeds.
Sequel to Catch A Sound Wave. After the events of Soundwave's attack, one of the student gets a chance to win big, however something happens to lure a visit from an unstoppable foe.
Sequel to Reflections Of The Emplate War. As things return to normal for Generation X, a new foe surfaces. Now Generation X prepares for an attack, and also learns more about their newest teammate
Sequel to Stranger and Stranger. After the events at the museum, history is rewriten as Emplate has been stopped by a mysterious person.
Sequel to Relatively Dangerous. Emplate makes another attempt on Generation X, striking at the hometown of one of the student. Now the only question is, Will his trap succeed?
Sequel to Truth Be Told. As Generation X prepares to have about student join, one of their foes perpares to make another strike.
Sequel to Changes. A month has passed since changes, and the newest student has had a mental breakdown. Now the X-Men stop in to help the student recover.
This story is the first in a series of stories I wrote based of Generation X. In changes, a new character joins the school, which leads to positive changes for Penance