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my bf and I got into a talk about world history, he wanted me to do a project on him....Yeeeaaaaa
I just know I'm gonna get flamed for this ^.^''
This story is based on an picture a had on MSN. It was of Aragon and Legolas standing next to eachother. I thought what are they doing? ONE-SHOT!
Just a one shot story I did because Tom Bombadil gets left out of the movies.
The story I promised ninkira like a year ago (cries)*warning: Character Death*
This is a weird song I made about lord of the rings. It's tune is 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'
Legolas is just minding his own busines when a vortex appears in his forest. Fangirls come out of it. How will poor Leggy poo get rid of this new evil? Find out.
many differnet ways to destroy middle earth
This is what Libby comes up with when she's on sugar high and is watching LOTR and obsessing over Aragorn. Enjoy. o_o
It's a modern version of the Lord of the Rings. Same story and everything. My most SPECIALIST friend worked on it with me. We are both amateurs at writing fanfics, so spare us both.

~*BlooD (Angela) and Kristen
just a random fiction.