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Just about the Clique Movie!
After waking up from unconsciousness, Robin discovers he and Maid Marian Fitzwalter have a son. How does Robin react to this? Read to find out.
the setting is 1703 Scottish highlands, where a boy and his father make a stab at the cattle business. The father of the boy (henceforth known as Angus),is a drunken cattle thief, and a poor truth of what was becoming Scotland...
the cheshire cat has been alone all these years in his tree wondering if there were any others of his kind but now.... please read to continue.
:D I love this song!X3

Rosalina mine
Jojo of the movie people who made hhaw and dr.suess
horton hears a who of Dr.Suess and the movie company who made the new movie
Tell me more song of Grease
=^^=Ths story is by a girl named ZacEfronIsHot from did not think of this but i thought it was so funny i had to put it on here....once again,it is not mine....but it was funny enough to be on here=^^=
When The beloved classic book Memoirs of a Geisha came out, the world fell in love with The Japanese Cinderella Story of Sayuri. Not much is known of her mentor, Mameha, so here is my attempt at her past, told through her point of view.
duh, it's a description of one of my new, up-coming pictures.
This is an original screenplay I wrote for a short 5 minute submission film (for "On the Lot"). Ted the Zombie has been a character a friend and I just fell in love with. This won't be the only cameo of my beloved Ted.
Happily ever after is for the fairy tales. Jack has lost his Lily to another, and the only way he can get her back is with Darkness’s aid. Even if it comes with a price.
Darkness thinks of Lily, her innocence and her sin. "White is a foolish color for a soul for it is so easy to sodden." Short one-shot. Please R&R.
this is a teaser of the film rbdm hawk and i are eorkig on, enjoy
[ONESHOT]  Play-Based.    Doody has never been the forward kind, but when he asks Frenchy to the movies, he's determined to make things change ... at least he hopes to ...    Doody/Frenchy.
I was listening to Queen right after watching Secret Window and for some reason I thought "Hey! Let's change the words to Bohemian Rhapsody!" So here you have it, one of Queen's finest songs, adapted for Mort's own tragic story. Hope you enjoy! :)
WARNING: you must have seen the movie American History X, if you having do not read if you go ahead and read you will be completely LOST!!!