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it starfires birthday what will happen?
it a bright start to the day for the two early birds star and robin but things go wirde and totelly wrong for them
A story I just made up full of excitement, and adventure!!! A MUST READ!!!!!
well it kinda like, Raven meets this guy from her childhood and he becomes friends with the TTs. Eventually the JLU come in... it's kinda a crossover, i guess... it's been updated! updated but not finished... it's a work in progress.
This is a story I am writing for me and my friend Princess Wombat
What if a new titan joined the team?
What if this new friend could answer some questions, the titans couldn't even answer?
What if an old enemy had a new idea?
What if the chicken did come before the egg?
Find out and read!
Terra’s back and she brought a ‘friend’ with her. How will BB (Beast Boy) cope with this? Raven doesn’t seem to be pleased with this visit. Cyborg suspects something wrong with Terra’s ‘friend’. Things may seem to be much more than what is a
poem, and you tell me,and we both know....
Some of these songs are villans and some Titans. If you don't like a song well flame! If you do comment!
Robin is teaching Starfire one of my personal fave sports, Badminton! Will Starfire go pro, or will this story contain fluff and has nothing to do with going pro? I think we all know the answer. (Parings: Star/Robin-duh- and no one else.)