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Basically me and Sean are at Smackdown to see Jeff's big match for the WWE Championship belt and some stuff happens...
Warning-I insult some wrestlers.
I re-did the entire story and added some.
After the loss of her friend Carey and her ex-boyfriend dating her Best friend.Jamie realizes there isnt much left to live for. But will a run in with an old friend change the way she thinks before its to late?
Just a story of Me, Jamie, and Caria
I can't believe he's gone... It's just way to shocking... Rest in peace: Chris Benoit and family.

In this story, when you see a song in qotation marks, it means there is a song... I know... somewhat stupid! But I base my stories on songs.
... I don't even KNOW anymore! However, I think I have improved my writing ^^ I have two new people in it, tho! ENJOY TO MY NEW FRIENDS (and my best bud Jamie H!) NIRVANNA AND SASHA! ^_^
I re-did it cuz my sis Roxy screwed up the other one
well, inspired by commanderskrimzonkittys one lol i tried ^^
I dunno >_>
Well yeah just another new story ^^ hope u lie it,,dunno how o describe it
This is a continuation ^_^
Yeah yeah... I said I wasn't going to make any more MADNESSes but I changed my mind.
Yea, this is the LAST!! WWE MADNESS! I hope you guys have enjoyed my series of WWE MADNESS! Well, here is the final one, enjoy it!
well yeah just a continuation ^^
This is the second part of the WWE MADNESS. There are a lot of parts...
MNM & the Hardys!
Jamie speaks out about their fued

Batista and John Cena, Fury to Continue?
Fued over one woman

Newly Weds! Matthew Moore Hardy and Roxy Animalas Guerrero

Interview with Kevin Guerrero for his title match.
What happens when I play in Good Charolette? Find out... if you dare...
Please just don't play with me... My paper heart will bleed...
What happens when I die? Batista is a goth, Jamie and Jeff don't let go of it, Kevin wants to kill Edge, Roxy is hellbent on revenging me.
This is a story, with my sister as main person. (she kept bugging me for it XD)
well yeah tis another wwe story..but it inda crazy ..u no like deathninjas madnbess form like that yewah anyway umm XCOMMENT
well yerah just what
These were poems entered by different people onto my story.
I'm making lots of series of the WWE. Like just an example:
WWE, Shut your mouth! Somethun like that
Eddie Guerrero was a great man. And my brother. In spirit, I know, he is still here! He stands before all of us, and yet, we can't see him...