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Oh lord...

Oh lord...

Oh lord... by GreyJedi
Oh lord... by GreyJedi


Ahem, yes, well. I'd like to think that it speaks for itself. But I know it doesn't.
It's Razer and my friend's OC, er...Valen...
I'm using the excuse of it being Valentines Day for me to submit this. Though it's actually a lie, I've been meaning to draw this for a while, but you didn't just read that.
Yes, they're kissing.

Both my parents were shocked by it, and they have yet to come to the conclusion that Valen's a guy... I almost hope they never do...

Comments...I don't know if I should dread or welcome them...

General Info

General Info

Category Games » - All Titles » Jak & Daxter series
Date Submitted
Views 1423
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Comments 6
Media Graphite pencil
Time Taken Um, about two DVDs worth
Reference Manga book for poses and Razer fanart for clothes


Comments (6)

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Midnight_Chaos on April 2, 2008, 11:53:12 PM

Midnight_Chaos on
Midnight_ChaosEh heheheheheheheheheh.....
Sharok: What are you laughing at?
Corad: Grey-Sama drew shonen-ai XD
Sharok: And you're laughing at that...because...?
Corad: Well....errr....coz she said she's not too fond of it.
Sharok: O...kay...*raising an eyebrow*
Corad: Looks good GreyJedi :D Heh, Valen's name's so small I can barely read it. Lol, if your parents are shocked now not knowing Valen's a dude...I'd hate to see them when they find out O.o' It's a great picture though GreyJedi!!

GreyJedi on April 3, 2008, 11:25:50 AM

GreyJedi on
GreyJediWhat? Not going to look at the coloured one of this?! ;D
The really funny thing is that they still don't know. He's so feminine looking, even my grandmother, who is able to pick out the genders of my pics really well, thought he was a girl.
Yep, I drew a shonen-ai pic. It wasn't as back as I thought. The hysterical thing is that I used a book all about drawing women to get the poses.
I wanted Valen's name to be nearly unreadable, why do you think I made it so small?
Thanks Corad!! :D

Midnight_Chaos on April 3, 2008, 12:50:12 PM

Midnight_Chaos on
Midnight_ChaosYeah, I was gonna look at the colored pic....but then I smelt this electrical burning smell last night, and kinda went into panic mode before shutting down the comp, thinking it was the culprit. But then the smell kept lingering, so I realised it wasn't the computer....but then by that time, it was too late to turn it back on O.o' But don't worry Grey-san!! I'm back now!! Whether that's a good thing or, you used a drawing women book for Valen? Heheh, man that's good....poor Valen XD I figured you didn't want his name being you have something against him :D
Sharok: Just look at the picture, Corad. What do you see?
Corad: Urgh....I...don't know....*starts panicking* You're welcome for the comment too :)

GreyJedi on April 3, 2008, 1:40:53 PM

GreyJedi on
GreyJediOh my, that can't be good.
I did use a woman book for him. I thought it was quite hilarious. I was just embarassed by the pic at the time, nothing more. I adore Val, not as much as my December does, but, he IS her character after all.
I just couldn't believe I did this. I really need to draw Valen again though... I need to figure out the other half of his tattoos. XD

Midnight_Chaos on April 3, 2008, 11:25:53 PM

Midnight_Chaos on
Midnight_ChaosHeh, it weren't too good...I didn't get time to reread my initial comment on this, so if it doesn't make much sense, ya know why -_-' I've had it happen before whilst playing the PSP. I just assumed it was making the burning smell, then turned it off...and I haven't played it since :D But yeah, I think it was coming from my mum's room....nothing in the lounge smelled like it was burning, and since her room's at the lounge end of the house O.o Valen looks like an interesting character :) I'd like to know more about him (is he in any fics?). Knowing me I'll be drawing him too lol. Yeah, I couldn't believe you'd drawn it too, but you've done such a great job!! Ya know Grey-san, you could do more *nudge nudge*
Sharok: *rolling eyes and sighing irritably*
Corad: Hey! Cut it out! Or you'll be next! *death glares Sharok*

GreyJedi on April 4, 2008, 7:54:44 AM

GreyJedi on
GreyJediWell Val's not mine, but I'm sure December wouldn't have a problem if you wanted to draw him. :D I'll ask next time I see her. He's in the collab, so whenever you get around to it you'll be finding out quite a lot about him. He's an insanely interesting character, but it would take too long to explain everything about him.