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between the lines

between the lines

between the lines by Jadis
between the lines by Jadis


I want to whine and I couldn't find the right category in the forum. 

and journals here don't allow commenting

so I post art for whining. 

this is a work of art from my early teen years which used to be posted on the back of my bedroom door, a favorite work of the time. ...sheesh.. that sounds so long, makes me feel ancient..... 

anyhhow this work might be technically against the rules here, as it is clearly drawn on lined paper. it is in fact a celebration of the fact that it is drawn on lined paper. I love lined paper, 

today I found a really cute reference page I made for my Vocaloid OC Ren Kangamine which I role-play with my daughter Lin which is the male counterpart of her OC Lin Kagamine [the one her name here is based on]. I want to submit this art because I like it very much but it's on lined paper and I don't like breaking the rules, but to try to remove the lines would ruin it, and i don't have time anyhow. [it contains several cute sketches of Ren --who is a little kid who likes reading and hates shoes-- and also handwritten text describing the character.]

I understand the reasoning, but in fact I post many things which are less well done more scabbily and sketchy and scrappish than this, which just didn't happen to get drawn on lined paper. they might have been on, say the back of recycled printer paper or something...that's allowed... 

ok. I've whined, I'm content. maybe I'll re-draw poor little Ren onto better paper one of these years. 

I just re-read the policy on lined paper. It specifies PENCIL ART so the above art is not covered in that. it's ink. 

Ren's character sheet however is in pencil I think. 

but if I inked him, he would be legal right? lol... too bad I like him better in pencil. the future I will remember to get out a ball point to do my sketchy drawings when i'm on lined paper. 

OOOOOO HEY if I scan him and print him and then rescan him, he won't be pencil anymore, he'll be ink then....all without losing the charm of a pencil sketch on lined paper......Hmmmmmmmmm............

[yeah I know this rule isn't enforced anyhow and if I posted him no body would object, it's just the idea of having to break the rule bothers me.]

EDIT: this went to the review cue because it's too big an image, I'm resizing it but don't want it up today bad enough to repost.RESIZED on fire alpaca

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General Info

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K_Pepper on May 9, 2016, 1:21:37 PM

K_Pepper on
Comment Deleted

Jadis on May 9, 2016, 6:38:26 PM

Jadis on's cool because Lined Paper is really great stuff, that was the point of posting it....
thanks, I had a lot of fun making this, many years ago. I'm going to try something similar, now that I got this out and looked at it again. 
See, even whining can be inspiring. And now I'm done whiling so I can move on to making more fun stuff like this. 

Stratadrake on May 8, 2016, 7:55:15 AM

Stratadrake on
StratadrakeThe policy on linedpaper (and just in general) is a bit outdated and in need of an update :)  The point was always for people to use proper paper when making drawings/etc. and not just upload every scrap doodle they've made anyway.

Jadis on May 8, 2016, 8:05:05 PM

Jadis on
JadisI don't think it's just outdated, I think it never made sense, personally
If you want to make the point "draw on good quality paper" say "Draw on good quality paper" ...there are worse things than lined paper.
However, why not just have a place for every scrap-doodle and put every scrap-doodle in it's place? I doubt this is feasible, but I'd like to see it on a separate tab sort of like literature is: a separate category for wip and doodles and sketches, and other such art which is not in the spirit of complete art planned out and done with expensive materials and advance planning. only I'd like for those separate tabs to all show on the front page, not be hidden behind.  
Many of the digital arts I see on this site are far more scrap-doodly than my average lined paper pencil sketch...less composed, less skilled, less time invested, less forethought, etc. WHY discriminate against traditional art in this way? 
That being said, I was just whining, I wasn't really hoping to inspire any actual improvements. sometimes I just get in the mood to whine a bit. I can live with it and let it inspire me even though it annoys me. for example, after I posted this, since I was thinking about it, I did a sketch-doodly digital coloring of both my Ren character sheet and another lined paper drawing. and I'm planning to do an updated version of this celebration of lined paper.
I would really like to see a very clear specific sort of rubric for what is considered good art here...a sort of checklist for how to make "feature worthy" arts. including not just a statement like use color theory [whatever that is...does this aspire to be a site for professional school-trained artists?] an correct anatomy, but with those requirements give also instructions on HOW to make color theory[whatever that is] and correct anatomy. the forum post from years ago still strikes me as one persons elitist opinion, not an objective set of guidelines for how to make feature-worthy art. 

Stratadrake on May 8, 2016, 8:10:44 PM

Stratadrake on
StratadrakeThe linedpaper rule is also older than the Scraps feature, which is part of why it is so outdated.