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Terri by StrawChan
Terri by StrawChan



...Stupid hacker.

ANYWAY I can FINALLY say that I have began this project.
It's a rather long one, feature all the children of the OCs featured in my Digimon 01/02 fics.

I got the idea from JoyKaiba. I am pretty much her fangirl. I ADORE her Digimon work and got premession to use her bios style/idea.

This is the first of EIGHTEEN. =0

The study for this was started sometime this summer I began the bios in September, but they needed SEVERE editing. And then I finished them about October 13th...

First off, naturally, is the leader: Terri Kamiya. She's the daugther of Azukia Moika and Tai Kamiya.

You can't see what it says so:
Name: Terri Kamiya
Age: 12
Hair: Brown (short bangs, sticks up like her father's on the right)
Eyes: Green
Digimon: Agumon (female)
Crest: Courage
Color: Orange
Terri is the new leader of the Digi-Destined. She tends to look on the positive side of things like her mom, but she's incredibly hard headed. Terri expects the team to listen to her and rarely pauses to consider better courses of action, but she's always willing to get them out of the jams she gets them in. Agumon usually goes with whatever Terri thinks up, but will try to get her to see reason on occasion.

What can I say about Terri? She's hard-headed. She thinks she knows best. She demands loyalty. But she gives loyalty in return. She's always positive. You need a compliment? Ask Terri. She's probably a little sad that she doesn't have a little sibling to teach and stuff.

Her best friend is Rikku (Sora's daughter) and she develops a crush on Nathan (Joe and Casey's son).

Yeah...I decided to draw the In-Training versions of all the digimon in this because...well, because most of them are ROUND and therefor easier to draw in my style.

I think she turned out well. Not so much Coromon.

Thoughts? Comments? Corrections? Let me know.

Azukia Moika (C) SailorAqua13 (FAC)
Tai Kamiya (C) The Digimon People
Terri Kamiya (C) Sailor Aqua13 (FAC)
Coromon (C) The Digimon People
Outfit (C) StrawChan/KeikoOokami (FAC/DA)
Idea (C) JoyKaiba (FAC/DA)

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Comments (6)

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Living_Dead_Girl on March 24, 2009, 11:19:40 AM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlOhh did a hacker take your account? Lameness! I never understood why a hacker would want an FAC account. All it has is pictures XDD! If I has someone's pass, the meanest thing I would do with it is occasionally change their profile to say stuff like "OMG I LOVE MY LITTLE PONIES!!!" or something XDD! Cos I've done that to one of my friends before. We had a good laugh =D Well... I did anyway LOLOLOLOLOL! Anyways, bios are fun to do! Woohoo, eighteen! I had to do fifteen once and that took quite a while. I have at least a hundred chars (no exaggeration, mind you XDD!), but I just use my usual fifteen cos they're mah babies! *hugs her OC's* Anyways, the drawing is uber cute!! The clothing and aymbol is nice and I lurve the color green, especially for eyes! I definently like her positivity ^^ It's my second strength WOOHOO! You laugh at me, I'll laugh back, only harder LOLOLOL! Anyways, she has really neat hair and I like her digimon, it's uber cute ^^ Sorry I don't remember the names, I saw the first season when I was 8 then I didn't like the second one XDD! But the first one was great!

StrawChan on March 25, 2009, 11:22:07 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanYes, my old account got hacked. ;_; Very sad. I had just enough time to transfer two fan-fics over, my major one was deleted. They kept the pictures up, but finally deleted the account last week. I had that account for three years.
Thanks! The Crest is the actual Crest of Courage...I stopped doing that in the back for the rest of them because it's hard to find good reference pics and some of the symbols are really vague.
I like the green eyes as well, but her appearance wasn't thought of by me. Before Aqua came back, I designed this character as a girl named "Tammy" who had red hair like her mom and brown eyes like her dad. I like this combination better though.

Her hair is like her dad's- Tai's, from the first season. Her digimon is Agumon, only in In-Training form. =)

Living_Dead_Girl on March 27, 2009, 2:23:32 PM

Living_Dead_Girl on
Living_Dead_GirlAwww I's sorry! My account now is three years old. That's how long I've been drawing wheee! ^^ I'm uber sorry about your fanfics! I used to have a lot and I still do cos I'm an art packrat and I never delete anything LOLOL! OIC, I thought the digimon looked familiar ^^

ladychaos on December 18, 2008, 11:11:42 PM

ladychaos on
ladychaosshe bis really cute, she looks alot like her dad =P

StrawChan on December 19, 2008, 11:39:11 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanXD True.

But I did that on purpose. XD

sailoraqua13 on December 11, 2008, 5:36:06 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13How adorable! ^U^ Can't wait to see the rest! ^U^ Ok, here's the official deal: My computor won't be fixed until after X-mas, so I have permission to talk to you guys on this computor until it is. I can't update on it but once my computor is fixed EXPECT MAJOR UPDATES! ^U^