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Member Info
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This is the beginning to my Naruto story. Let's just say-Fire's involved.
Shows I Like:

Ojamajo DoReMi! :3

Sailor Moon! :3

Tokyo Mew Mew :3


Naruto! :3

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Live Start! :3

DIGIMON!!!!!! :3 (My current obsession)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne! :3


KINGDOM HEARTS!! (I have a total crush on Pence!:3)
Finally...FINAL FANTASY!! I freakin' live for FF! Especially X and X-2! My fav aeons are Valefore and Shiva! ^U^

Couples I support:
RikuMitsuki (My friends oc)
SoraSori (My other friends oc)
PenceIchigo (My oc)-Shipping:SeaSaltShipping
KibaReiko (Another of my ocs)Shipping:EngulfShipping
TaiKia (My Digi Oc)Shipping:TrueShipping
RonManda (My HP oc)Shipping:FriendShipping
DavisAshlyn (Another of my Digimon ocs) Shipping-BlueShipping

My ocs:
Ichigo-Kh 1 and 2
Diamond, Akemi, Esuna, Sara, Hoshimi, Colby and Topaz-Pokemon Varied Games
Aqua-Sailor Moon
Hina-CardCaptor Sakura
Fione-Animal Crossing
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne-In progress
Coren-Ojamajo DoReMi
Kiwi-Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Live Start
Wedding Peach-In Progress
Lucky Star-In Progress
Emily Swann/Cullen-Twilight
Ikuya-Yugioh GX
Amanda-Harry Potter

My FAC Family! :3
Straw (Strawchan)-BFF
Kasumi (Alex772)-Sister
Shiny (Shinypikachusan)-BFF

Future Updates:
Due to the fact that Kitty has given up on ocs, I will be rewriting my Sailor Moon and Kingdom Hearts stories. Expect the first chapter of my Sailor Moon fic soon. But, since Kingdom Hearts takes getting scripts for it, the chapters will only be added as I type them up, so Straw, I'm moving as fast as I can so please bear with me!

Expect next chapter as soon as humanly possible!

Harry Potter
Will be started back up soon!

Will be started as soon as I find my rough drafts! ^^U

Also, on two notes:
1.At Straw's request, I'm going to go through and split my story chapters into paragraphs! ^^

2.Expect mine and my friend's stories to be up at the same time as the Kingdom Hearts story! ^U^

So look forward to this happening!
This is the animal one of the future Mew Mew ocs of my story is infused with-a Barbary Serval! ^U^


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NobodywithaHeart on October 29, 2009, 4:28:28 AM

NobodywithaHeart on
NobodywithaHeartHey there... long time no see.
Err... sorry i haven't been on in forever. Umm, gosh I feel guilty i know you wanted to read that story. I will work on it when I can. Its good to be back on.
Hope your not mad V_V

sailoraqua13 on October 29, 2009, 10:14:09 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13It's ok, I'm not mad at all! ^U^ I can wait on an update! ^U^ *Hug*Glad to talk to ya again! ^U^ Hey, do u have a DA?

NobodywithaHeart on October 29, 2009, 6:24:36 PM

NobodywithaHeart on
NobodywithaHeartIs that Deviant Art? If so then I do not -_-
If I remember correctly, it costs money right?
I can't afford it unfortunately, I have to pay for all of my personal costs x.x
I hope to work on the KHHoA story again soon, unfortunately I must read through to see where I left off -_-
So much work to do so little time!!!
Anyway its good to hear from you and I'm glad you are not mad
*wipes sweat*
anyway I will post up again within the next couple of weeks.

shinypikachu2608 on June 26, 2009, 7:35:34 AM

shinypikachu2608 on

Sliv on May 17, 2009, 2:12:26 PM

Sliv on
SlivI miss you XO

sailoraqua13 on May 18, 2009, 8:15:00 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13I'm sorry! Well, I'm mostly on DA now, but just send me comments here or there and I'll respond to both! ^U^

purplemoonlight006 on April 6, 2009, 7:08:26 AM

purplemoonlight006 on
Comment Deleted

sailoraqua13 on April 6, 2009, 7:32:00 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13Hello there! ^U^

StrawChan on April 5, 2009, 1:49:58 AM

StrawChan on

StrawChan on April 1, 2009, 12:00:54 PM

StrawChan on

StrawChan on March 25, 2009, 9:26:04 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanYo Aqua.
*pokes your digimon fic*

sailoraqua13 on March 25, 2009, 10:34:54 AM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13Um... *Points to latest blog* That should explain it all.

StrawChan on March 25, 2009, 11:28:34 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanYeah, sorry.
I read that after my comment.

How is you?
Also, did I insult you with that list I gave you? I was really excited and trying to help. They are just suggestions.

sailoraqua13 on March 25, 2009, 12:22:31 PM

sailoraqua13 on
sailoraqua13It's alright! ^U^ Besides needing a break from my fanfics for a bit, I'm fine. No, you didn't insult me at all! It was very helpful, I was drawing blanks! ^U^

StrawChan on March 20, 2009, 1:17:11 AM

StrawChan on
StrawChanOkay, for Luxord, I found Clockmon, who's rookie form (I THINK) is Solarmon. He has a mega form in Crusadermon.

For the Space element, I was thinking maybe the virus? (I am not trying to take over this, I swear. ;__; I am just trying to help). Just because I can't think of any that make sense. The virus might work though. The mega is Diaboromon (Man, it's been so long since I've seen the movie I forgot how creepy this thing is) and his rookie is Keramon.

I can't find any good water types, so we could try wood for the water element. One that goes straight through is the Mushroomon to Puppetmon line. That could be interesting, seeing as Puppetmon was one of the dark masters.

Now, for the ICE element, there are several ways you could take that. There are multiple digimon that have Snow/Ice-[name] digivolutions. I know for sure there is an Snowagumon. One that I found is Elecmon-Leomon-Iceleomon-Regulumon. Only the ultimate is an ice type, but it might just work for Vexen.

For the EARTH element, there is an earth-dragon family. It goes Petitmon-Babydmon-Dracomon-Coredramon(GREEN)-Groundramon. It doesn't have a mega, but we don't have to have ALL of them digivolve to mega.

If you wanted to do something like make the Earth and Wind elements twins (maybe), You could the same up to Coredramon (BLUE), which will digivolve into the mega of Wingdramon.

Or you could just use the blue version if you really want all of them to go to mega.

Illusion is a stupid element. There is nothing I could find. I found something that sort of makes sense though. Illusions are like dreams, right? Well, make the dreams a nightmare. Phascomon-Porcupamon(See? Psycotic stuffed thing)-Astamon-Belphemon.

...Okay, let's never use Betsumon. EVER. EVER....EVER.

I can't really find one for light, either. But there is another line that goes straight through that's kinda cool. Fufumon-Kyokyomon-Ryudamon-GinRyumon-HisyaRumon-Owryumon.

Well, I hope that might have helped some. I know I didn't get Larxene, but I need to go back, dry my hair, and then go to Barnes and Noble and buy Fruits Basket.




Princess Mika at age 2!

Princess Mika at age 2!


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