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The Archangel Metatron...

The Archangel Metatron...

The Archangel Metatron... by Trinity_Fire
The Archangel Metatron... by Trinity_Fire


God, this picture should be retitled, 'Zohmygod perfection'. D8
'Cuz all while I was working with it, I was like, don't messup, don't messup, don't messup, and it DIDN'T! Not at all! The inking was just about perfect, actually following my fingers for once!! ;o;
It's a bloody miracle.

Well, the coloring's another thing, and the background... urr, I kinda got carried away. A lot. ^^; Oops.

Anyway. Angel Metatron. Metatron's actually just a scribe, but I couldn't re-use the names Gabriel/Michael [haha] and as well, though I'd initially wanted to use those names, I couldn't pick which one. XD
Plus, Metatron is awesome on his own. :3

So, here is what I've been working on all day. I feel like I've brought a few too many aspects into it; the string, the wing, the nails... but overall, it still looks quite satisfactory. :D So I'm down with it.

Oh, and just to shout it out:
I have just read one of 2 of the best books EVER.
It's called Vellum: the Book of All Hours, by Hal Duncan. Angels, demons, unkin, the plotline's unbelieable and something completely unlike ANYTHING you've read before. His writing style's equally if not more unique, and the characters are superb and so beautifully defined. I almost cried.
The other best book I've read? I haven't. It's the second [and last] book in the series, Ink. And when it comes out, it will be the perfect duo of books I have ever owned or read or laid eyes on.


...Image done with Prang colored pencils and a 005 micron pen.
See ya, duckies. ^_~

General Info

General Info

Category Fantasy » Characters » Angels » Male
Date Submitted
Views 2358
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Vote Score 1
Comments 17
Media Other drawing
Time Taken 3 hours. :D


Comments (17)

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luckylace222 on June 19, 2009, 4:19:54 AM

luckylace222 on
luckylace222SUCH A COOL WING!

xEmotional on September 2, 2007, 1:24:46 AM

xEmotional on
xEmotionalwow amazinggg

Boboybuboy on April 11, 2007, 1:57:02 PM

Boboybuboy on
Boboybuboynice drawing and coloring =D

Dragon_Buster on February 16, 2007, 11:43:02 PM

Dragon_Buster on
Dragon_BusterDamn......I'm envious of your skills. I can't draw like that. If I had one milligram of your talent.....why, I'd be happy.

Now, enough with the flattery.....

Now, I'd normally write a long review, praising each and every individual facet of your work. But here, I don't think that would be easy. (I think it's 'cos I'm too lazy......shame on this aspirant.) But what the hell, I'll just say what I wanna say.

This pic is very wonderful. My favorite bit (or should it be one of my favorite bits?) is the text. "All that it takes to be a right hand of a little apathy....." Those are pretty memorable words. (I'd like to have your permission to borrow those words, just in case.)

Overall, wonderful job. *favs*

SenayDragon on January 28, 2007, 10:29:34 AM

SenayDragon on
SenayDragonREEEEAAALLLYYYY nice~! <3<3<3 *hangs on her wall*

Astri on November 14, 2006, 9:34:58 AM

Astri on
AstriWait...I didn't comment on this one? O.O No way! I could've sworn I had!


The first thing that jumps out at me and smacks me in the face is, I have to say, I LOVE his hair. The purple tips? I always love the hair you draw, but this one...whew. This one's a doozy.

Second thing? THAT BACKGROUND. I don't think I could summon forth that golden-peach aura in my artwork if my life depended on it. It's positively luscious.

Thirdly, here is the thing I find most interesting about this picture. His left (wait...our left, his right) side gives an overwhelming impression of mechanism WITHOUT ACTUALLY BEING MECHANICAL. Between the tattoo beneath his eye, the single bony wing on his shoulder, and the distended nails of his hand, he looks inhuman--really, almost artificial--on his (left? right?) side. But he's not. I mean, a tattoo? A wing? Nails? Those are all normal. Why, then, does it look so artificial there? I don't know. It's inexplicable. But it does. It's really quite fantastic.

And now, purely aesthetically? Love the gold eyes. Love the twining strings. LOVE the colored hair ~.^


Trinity_Fire on November 15, 2006, 5:51:03 AM

Trinity_Fire on
Trinity_FireEhehehehe, I love your commentos so much. ::bathes in teh priase:: :3

Well, yes, I suppose the 'mechanical' side would be Metatron's Right. I actually never noticed until I was done the pic, but it all ties into it neatly. 'Right Hand of God', after all.
I lucked out, to be honest. ^^;

Thanks for the comments~! My god, I love you =3= ::kissu::

...No wait, stay gay please~!!! XD

Liedetector16 on October 27, 2006, 11:35:01 AM

Liedetector16 on
Liedetector16really really kool! I love the stance.

BlueAngel7 on October 17, 2006, 1:22:14 AM

BlueAngel7 on
BlueAngel7damn right, perfection. anothar amazing pic! right, ur on my faves!

RedPaint on October 16, 2006, 9:10:09 AM

RedPaint on
RedPaint*stares* RedPaint wonders why she never added you to her favorites list before now..
I absolutely love his's all vwoosh and flowy and such, and shaded quite nicely, too. The background goes with the purple and black, it makes the picture all glowing and soft-looking, like he really is in some sort of heaven-ish place. And the fingernails, they remind me of putting paperclips on the ends of your fingers, o-0 I don't know why though...but I like them still. *favorites* I could mention all the other things I like, but liking the picture as a whole incorporates all of that..if I'm even making sense..

TheWolfy on October 15, 2006, 6:33:46 AM

TheWolfy on
TheWolfyThis is great! 8D He looks gorgeous. I don't think you overdid anything. The wing design is really cool (how come everyone can draw those but me? ;__;), and those NAIILS. *eats*

And the burnt orange background looks awesome with the purple.