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Lone Revan and Son

Lone Revan and Son

Lone Revan and Son by VampireWarith
Lone Revan and Son by VampireWarith


This idea taken from the Lone Wolf and Cub manga series. I chose Revan for Ogami Itto because I can’t think of any Jedi who could be such a Samurai/Ronin assassin character because Ogami Itto was not really a “bad guy” but he was also not really a “good guy”, he was a very, very dark anti-hero, but Revan wouldn’t be exactly like Ogami in every single way if I were to write a story about this.
In this type of Star Wars universe I would have it that Revan’s wife Bastila is killed in a similar way to how Itto’s wife was killed. The main person behind it might be… Palpatine…  maybe. He would take the role of Yagyū Retsudō. I’m not sure what I would call Revan’s son. Although unlike Lone Wolf and Cub I would have Revan training his son how to use the Force and a lightsaber. Ogami Itto also had a second weapon, a wooden staff with blades at both ends, for that Revan would be using Bastila’s double bladed lightsaber. As for the famous baby cart in a Star Wars type of universe… I’m not sure one would even be needed in a Star Wars universe.
Like Ogami Itto I would have it that Revan declares that he is no longer a Jedi and will not follow their ways or rules but unlike Itto, Revan wouldn’t be an assassin, Revan would be more of a vigilante and destroying Palpatine’s business, money, manpower and reputation. He wouldn’t wear a Jedi tunic but he would still wear a tunic outfit, which is what I have him wearing. It’s an ancient oriental ceremonial cheongsam outfit.
During Ogami Itto’s travels across Japan he was both feared and honored by many and it would be the same thing with Revan, he would be both feared and honored by many such as common people, the Jedi, Republic soldiers, the Sith, the Mandalorians, the Echani, the Wookiees, the Sand People, the Selkath, bounty hunters and so on.
Some of the reasons why I chose Revan for this kind of parody was because he was quite a skilled and powerful Jedi of his time, his battle tactics in the Mandalorian War and the Jedi Civil War, the people Revan fought like Mandalorian The Ultimate, Yusanis the legendary Echani dueling General, the 5 dueling masters on Taris (not counting Starkiller), Darth Bandon, Jorak Uln, Uthar Wynn, Malak and Revan having Force powers of both the light side and dark side.

So far that’s what I’ve been able to come up with when it comes to who would be who and what would be what from Lone Wolf and Cub to Star Wars.
Although this picture is not finished, I might end up changing it completely or do another one.

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