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Gambit by VampireWarith
Gambit by VampireWarith


The mutant Cajun with the ability to take the potential energy stored in an object and converts it to kinetic energy thus charging that item with explosive results, Remy LeBeau, better known as Gambit from the Marvel Comic Book, X-Men.

This is a pencil sketch drawing of Gambit by Anson Ng, but his appearance here is mainly based on the way he was drawn by Marco Checchetto in the Daken: Dark Wolverine comic series. The hair is the way it was in the early to mid 90s, I never liked it when it was too short. I'm not a fan of his black headpiece, it doesn't serve a purpose, but it's there. His trench coat hasn't really changed in all this time, except the color and those sleeve stapes, different shades of dark brown and very rarely it's been dark gray. His chest armor seems to be a mix between his original armor but with it being one solid piece and one color from the Daken comic book.

The elbow guards, belt, straps, pouches (to store his cards) and holsters are also from that series.

His Bo-Staff is either a solid smooth silver piece of metal or it has ring or grid lines from top to bottom.

The only time it had attachments on it was only seen in one issue.
But it's mostly in fan art.

Some people might think that it's made out of adamantium, but it's never been stated, and it's been cut and destroyed a few times.

Most versions show that the weapon can extend and retract.

The interpretation of his kinetic energy is the way Jim Lee and Lee Weeks drew it.

One thing I didn't want to do was put a giant or a small capital X on his outfit because I'm so sick of that... we get it! He's part of the X-Men or a team with the 24th English alphabet letter in the title.

X-Men: The Animated Series
He became my favorite character when I watched the animated series back in the 90s. When it comes to overconfident cocky funny characters, he's one of very few that I like, but half the time that depends on who's writing him. I've never been a fan of his original costume, the black headpiece, and the upper chest body armor (that's body armor??? It doesn't seem to protect him from anything), the pink vest, square pattern tight pants and the long silver metal boots... well, that's why I wanted to draw a more practical look, but I kept the black headpiece.

Voice actor Chris Potter set the stander on how Gambit's voice and accent should sound, a deep steadily soothing voice. Unfortunately, no one but Potter has been able to capture that, he was replaced later in the series by Tony Daniels, he wasn't very good, sounded like he had a sore throat, and the animation got terrible.

Interview with Chris Potter (Gambit, X-Men Animated Series)

Gambit: From 1990 to Now
If you want to know more about Gambit from the 616-canon universe, just read the comics, which is easier to do now more than ever. I of course can't list every issue he's appeared in X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, that would be too many links.

Sometimes the images will be blank, or the site is down, technical difficulties, so here are other sites where you can find those titles in case that happens.

Now Gambit is no boy scout or golden boy like Clark Kent or Peter Parker, I don't want him to be, he's somewhat of an anti-hero (just barely), nowhere near Wolverine, Judge Dredd, Spawn or the Punisher, and again I don't want him to be, but there are those who say that he's just selfish, thinks only of himself, can't be trusted and so on. As always, these people never use any examples from the comics, what a shock, so I'm going to disprove that.

"It shouldn’t be lost on anyone that the first time we encounter Gambit is in Uncanny X-Men (1990) #266-267 when he saves a de-aged, amnesiac Ororo Munroe (aka Storm, aka Lil’ Ro) from the Shadow King’s hounds. The Gambit we meet may be a smoking, drinking, hard-living thief better suited to a dark noir storyline, but he lets that gritty exterior slip just enough to show us the heart of gold underneath. He saves Lil’ Ro who becomes his lifelong friend and, impressed with his skill and heroism, introduces him to the X-Men."

"While his teaching career has varied, possibly one of the best examples of Gambit at his absolute best has been as a supporting character to Laura Kinney. In X-23 (2010) by Marjorie Liu, Gambit volunteers to supervise Laura in her solo adventures away from the X-Men while she is dealing with her trauma. Remy is there to be a non-judgmental, supportive, caring, advice-giving mentor."

Shortly after joining the X-Men, the Imperial Guard, Gladiator, was chocking Deathbird, feeling the need to do something Gambit stated, "Apologies Jubilee. I guess when you wear the uniform of a hero... hey I guess you sometime got to act the part." and attacked Gladiator (Uncanny X-Men #276).

Gambit is not a hardcore anti-hero, like I said he's not Spawn or the Punisher, even though he would like to kill Sabertooth, a serial killer who made him choose who to save when he was younger, but he's not going to since that's what Creed wants, to ruin him with the others. Gambit is not going to let him stand in his way of being with someone, mainly Rogue, or what being a part of the X-Men has meant to him, he's worked too hard to throw that all away.
"Every part a' the man I was says I should push my bo-staff through your thick skull but de problem with dat solution is that I'd be givin' you exactly what you want! Best way t'beat you down, Creed, ain't t'bet you up. I worked too hard, care too much about bein' here, learnin' how t'love for real, an' bein' an X-Man t'let a loser like you take it away from me. So, I know the best way t'win the fight against you is for me an' Rogue t'be happy together." (X-Men #38)

Gambit explains to Spider-Man that he's there to make sure his people are not involved, "I'm here out of a sense of familial duty-- to unsure t'at my people are not involved in a spate of violent robberies I been trackin' from New Orleans" (Web of Spider-Man #113).

Gambit steals the Avenger's Quinjet to get Marrow medical help to fix her powers (Uncanny X-Mne #370).

Gambit is not a hateful person, he's also not the silent brooding anti-hero or the angry bitter mutant who hates humans or everyone. He sees the good in the world, wants to make it better, he doesn't pretend to be something he's not and he's able to admit his past mistakes. He's not going to cry or wallow in self-pity; he's simply going to laugh.
"Dere's sadness in the world, sure. But I choose to see the joy. The miracle is that we live. The responsibility of living is that we try to make the world a little better. Dirge, he don't see dat. Best he figures, I cry, I bury myself so deep in grief I become dead myself. Ain't dat easy, mon brave. I love these people. I love Rogue. I choose t' honor their lives an' what dey mean t' me wit' a celebration. My soul won't ever be lost, Dirge--because now an' always, I choose to laugh." (Uncanny X-Men #382)

During the invasion of the armies of Khan, an inter-dimensional conqueror, Shaitan uses gems and Gambit's abilities to open a portal. Gambit's plan is to sacrifice himself in order to close the portal (X-Treme X-Men #16).

Under the hold of Cich, Gambit has to play chicken with a semi truck carrying tech that Cich wants for himself. In an attempt to save the lives of the truck drivers, he charges his own motorcycle and charges forward causing a blast in front of the truck, stopping it. Gambit saves the drivers when there about to be shot at (Gambit (2012) #5).

Gambit is not a ruthless fighter when it comes to fighting allies, "Give up. Don't wanna hurt you more'n I have too." (X-Men Legacy #267)

Gambit has to remind Rogue that he knows what's right and wrong, "My moral compass is just fine. I know what's right." (Mr. and Mrs. X #3)

In the Mojoworld, Gambit finds an infant and says that he'll take care of it, although it wasn't really a baby but he didn't know that at the time, "It's okay, baby...don' worry, Gambit has you now." (Mr. and Mrs. X #9)

Look at how much he loves and cares about Rogue.

However, despite all of that, hacks have had the X-Men giving him a hard time, even though others such as Magneto, Emma Frost, Sarbertooth and Namor have killed dozens of innocent people several times, some of them even gloat about it, but they were allowed to join the team. They've received less grief from the X-Men than Gambit did over his involvement in the Massacre and his general status as a thief.

Other Animated Series and Films
Gambit's character and design was awful in X-Men: Evolution, I had no interest in teenage versions of the characters. Wolverine and the X-Men... here's a show that literally tells you in the title that Wolverine is going to be the center of attention and everyone else will just be in the background, making him the leader of the team is the dumbest thing they could do. For some reason they had Phil Lemarr give him a Jamaican accent... it wasn't Taylor Kitsch's fault for the terrible script in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but it was just a mockery of the character, a pointless cameo that went nowhere. I'm not a fan of Channing Tatum, every movie he's done has been crap, he has no sense of humor, he tried to get a Gambit solo film made and he wanted it to be a romantic comedy... it really showed that he didn't get the character at all, other people had better ideas and thankfully the film was cancelled in May of 2019.

Matches, Powers, Skills and Abilities
When it comes to all of these "Power Grids" from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe books and cards that show how high or low the Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Durability, Energy Projection, and Fighting Skills are that wiki sites like to use (of course they do), they should be ignored since there very inconsistent or just inaccurate when you compare too what you see in the comics. Although the comics themselves are not always consistent because of hack writers who don't bother to do any research or simply don't care. Gambit is not unbeatable, I don't want him to be, but a lot of people, including the hacks at Marvel, have either forgotten or have ignored the matches he's fought, just how powerful, skilled and cunning he really is.

From what I've heard, in the official strategy guides from Brady Games for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2: Signature Series Strategy Guide (September 2009), Nick Fury states, "One of the best hand-to-hand fighters I've ever seen." Considering that he has info on almost every character, that's saying something. However, I haven't read that magazine, I can't show a picture of it and Marvel video games are not connected to the 616-canon universe, I've never seen any character in the comics make any references to the events in that game or any video game since there usually considered alternate realities.

10 Things Gambit Fans Want You To Know About the Best X-Man
4. He's beaten some of the best there are, at what they do

Notable matches (616 canon universe)
Wolverine – Beat him in the danger room (Uncanny X-Men #273)
Gladiator – With help from Jubilee, knocked him and several others back (Uncanny X-Men #276)
Knocks him back again with a full deck of cards (Uncanny X-Men #277)
Spider-Man – Evenly matched in speed and agility (Web of Spider-Man #113)
Blade (film version) – Evenly matched and was able to keep up with him in speed (Gambit (1999) #4)
Daredevil – Evenly matched and was able to keep up with him in speed (Gambit (1999) #11)
Quicksilver – Fast enough to hit and knock him out (Contest of Champions II #3)
Hawkeye – Able to match his speed, accuracy and was able to beat him (Contest of Champions II #5)
Iron Man's automated armor – Able to avoid its targeting computer (X-Men Legacy #267)

Honorable Mentions
Magneto – Mange to hit him in the face by throwing a card in-between the gap in his helmet, although this should have killed him, but plot armor saves Mag (X-Men #5)
Bishop – During a brief fight, without hitting him directly, so he won't absorb his power, Gambit was able blow Bishop off his feet (X-Men #8)
X-Cutioner – Fast enough to avoid his energy staff and hit him (Gambit (1999) #5)
Skrulls – Mange to knockout skrull versions of Captain America, Hawkeye, Thor (although anyone can beat skrulls) but outwits the real Avengers such as Scarlet Witch and Vision by taking their Quinjet (Uncanny X-Men #370)
Fantomex - Defeated a rip-off version of him during a heist and escapes (Civil War II: X-Men #2)
Daken – Despite being the son of Wolverine, Gambit it able to beat the crap out of him, even making parts of his left arm explode. Daken only wins the fight because of a sucker punch when Gambit got distracted (Daken: Dark Wolverine #8)
Moon Knight – Moon Knight manages to get in two hits, but only because Gambit got distracted, after destroying his gloves, Moon Knight takes on Rogue (X-Men Legacy #267)

Notable power use (616 canon universe)
Tithe Collector – Used his kinetic energy on his coat which ended up spreading all over his body and exploded, although this didn't kill him since he came back in later issues (Gambit (1993) #4)
Psylocke – When Gambit was asleep, while still recovering from his coma after his kiss with Rogue, Psylocke entered into his mind, without his permission and lied what she was doing, to find out his secret but he gets the drop on her (Uncanny X-Men #324)
Iron Patriot (James Rhodes) – Uses his abilities to power an Iron Man armor (Gambit (2012) #13)
Other objects – With some effort, he can prolong the detonation time of his activated detonation. Causing a slight lag when he's prepping his potential/kinetic conversion of matter into volatile state (Mr. and Mrs. X #12)

Not all of it is the canon 616 universe.

Notable skills (616 canon universe)
Speed and Acrobatics – Fast enough to dodge bullets (Uncanny X-Men #276), (Gambit (1999) #1), (Gambit (1999) #8X-23 (II) #7)
Dodge Mimi missiles (Gambit (1993) #1)
Dodge lasers (Mr. and Mrs. X #3)
Fast enough to catch a cartridge and throw it back (X-Men #1)
Block bullets with his staff (X-Men #3)
Fast enough to put kinetic energy charged cards behind a person's back without them noticing it while they were wearing hi-tech battle armor (Gambit (1999) #5)

It's disappointing that the only people who ever made Gambit look powerful was the person who created him, Chris Claremont and Jim Lee, a few others here and there such as Fabian Nicieza, then in 2012 it was James Asmus. However, storytelling and characterization writing from them was a mix bag. Others have not only completely ignored all of that, but all his nuance, plotting, and planning is hardly ever a feature of his character or who Gambit is and what his name stands for. Then again, I could say that for nearly every character at Marvel and other comic book publishers these days.

A 90s Character?
There are those who say that Gambit is a relic of the 1990s ...but they don't explain why that is or their very vague about it, so let's start with his character. Gambit is somewhat of a ladies' man when he's single (although when you compare him to others like Tony Stark, Wolverine and the Human Torch he ranks pretty low on that), but that type of character has been around for a very long time, long before the 90s.
Simon Templar – 1928 book / 1962 TV series
James Bond – 1953 book / 1962 film
James T. Kirk – Star Trek TOS 1966
Thomas Crown – The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 film
William T. Riker – Star Trek TNG 1987

The charming thief is another characterization trait of Gambit that's been around for centuries.
Arsène Lupin – The Arrest of Arsène Lupin 1905 book
Jimmie Dale (The Gray Seal) – 1914 book
Simon Templar – 1928 book / 1962 TV series
Catwoman – Batman #1, 1940
Gentleman Ghost – Flash Comics #88, 1947
John Robie – To Catch a Thief 1955 film
Sir Charles Litton (The Phantom) – The Pink Panther 1963 film
Arsène Lupin III – Manga Action #19670810, 1967
Thomas Crown – The Thomas Crown Affair 1968 film
Sir Oliver – Alan Ford 1969 comics
Edward Pierce – The Great Train Robbery 1975 film
Black Cat – The Amazing Spider-Man #194, 1979
Carmen Sandiego – 1985 video game

He's not saying outdated slangs from that decade, there were different types of attitudes going on in the 90s with a character's personality, but Gambit didn't act like any of them.

His hairstyle isn't outdated like Longshot's or Bishop's (both had mullets), Gambit's hairstyle, depending on the artist, looks like what's called a side part with volume, the original dates back to the 1920s.

Or a type of undercut which dates back to the 30s or as far back as the 1910s and in the 80s it was given a lot of volume.

At times, his hairstyle is what could be a mix between a side part / curtain with volume like the character Jason Dean (1989).

Or long shoulder length hair, but that's been around forever.

He's not wearing bright neon baggy grunge gangster style clothing with 90s graffiti type symbols.

Countless characters, from the golden age to now, wear tight spandex with all kinds of strange color patterns and shapes. His hot pink chest armor was a color that became popular with mainstream fashion in the 80s and that continued into the early 90s. The trench coat look was first seen in the 30s and 40s with crime and detective Noir in entertainment, its origins can be traced back before WW1, maybe the 1800s, but it didn't really become a fashion trend until the 1980s, Kyle Reese wore one for a short time in The Terminator (1984) and Jason Dean in Heathers (1989). There were a few examples in the early 90s like Tomebstone (1993) and The Crow (1994) but it didn't really become a look with action heroes and villains in film until the late 90s and the 2000s.

"Notice the long black trench coat that says I'm a cool anger rebel"

His silver metal knee leggings / boots look like they were based off medieval leg and feet armor which of course comes from the late 14th and early 15th century. But they were not certainly not work or combat boots of the grunge era.

His body size, hair and costume doesn't reflect that decade like
Nomad / Jack Monroe – 1992
Blackthorne – video game 1994
Mitch Hunter – Doom Troopers video game 1995
Sketch Turner – Comix Zone video game 1995
Reno Raines / Vincent Black – Renegade TV series 1992–1997
Characters from Image Comics – February 1993

Quite a lot had huge muscles that look like tumors, showing off their chest and arms because it's hot everywhere they go, long unkempt hair where it looks like they just woke up, wraparound sunglasses that look more like visors, they always have one expression on their face like they smelled something bad and big armor shoulder pads that are just impractical. I'm not saying Gambit's costume is perfect, but unlike others he never once wore his underwear outside his clothes like The Phantom, Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Cyclops, Captain America and so on. He's not wearing all black like the Terminator (1991), Blade (1998) or Neo (1999), he only did once during the run of X-Treme X-Men, except for his coat, but that was in 2001 and it looked as if Claremont was coping The Matrix because he wasn't known for his original ideas. Nor does he have cheap gimmicks like an eye patch, tattoos, scars or a beard to make him look tough like Aquaman from the mid and late 90s. For the past few decades, hairstyles and clothing is a mix between several different eras, there wasn't just one style of the 2000s and 2010s.

Gambit's power makes things explode, so when it comes to which decade overdid the explosion scenes, that was the 1980s and the 90s just continued it.
John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)
Blue Thunder (1983)
Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
Commando (1985)
Predator (1987)
RoboCop (1987)
Tragic Hero (Hong Kong film) (1987)
Rambo III (1988)
Die Hard (1988)
Tango & Cash (1989)

Gambit debuted in July (brief appearance in Uncanny X-Men Annual #14) and August (first major role in Uncanny X-Men #266) of 1990. However, that cover was drawn on Dec 4, 1986, but it wasn't published until 1990.

Some of Jim Lee's original sketches shows him wearing an 80s style leather jacket with a big collar, pointy shoulder pads, and extra beltloops (top right) and a similar one (bottom middle). The style of those jackets is definitely not 1990s.

Now it's possible that they didn't have all the details written down to what type of character he was going to be, but if they already had a general idea for his character pretty much worked out by then, 4 years before he debuted, well then that makes Gambit even less of a 90s character. Even Claremont's original plans for his character still don't come across as a 90s character in anyway.

There were no established 90s trends set in yet, there wouldn't be for another year or two, past fashion trends will last that long before they fadeout when a new decade starts, while some make a comeback or they get an update, they're tweaked a bit, or they never become old fashion. If Gambit has been kept the same or even somewhat since his first appearance, since he gets accused of that all the time, then it seems as if he's a character based on different eras, since the only character traits, clothing and hairstyles that Claremont and Jim Lee could gotten anything from was from other decades since like I said, everything we know about the 90s had not become known yet. But even if Gambit was a 90s character, compared to what we have today, especially to what most male characters have been reduced too in comics, movies, TV and video games... I'll take a 90s character any day. At least men were still drawn and written to be smart tough badasses, but also nice, not dumb, weak and useless. Women were still drawn and written to look sexy, tough but also compassionate, not lecturing others or shown to be perfect in everything (Mary Sues).

When it comes to his popularity, Gambit is still a very liked character with the fans, but not with the hacks at Marvel or all these SJW PC woke losers.

American Entertainment Marvel Survey results circa 1994
When asked the question, Who are the three X-Men characters you would like to see get their own monthly title? Gambit came in at number 1 with 51,451 votes.

IGN ranked Gambit as the 65th Greatest Comic Book Hero of All Time.

If you want to see how well his 2012 solo series sold.

In 2013, ComicsAlliance ranked Gambit as #4 on their list of the 50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics.

There was a vote in 2018 of over 116 Marvel characters and Gambit came in at number #6 with 100 votes.

Gambit and Rogue were the most requested pops of all time.
2020 Toy Fair New York Booth Tour! (6:14)

This artwork piece of the cover of his first appearance got quite a lot of comments.
Uncanny X-Men #266 cover (1st full appearance of Gambit)
Added to Site: 2/25/2021

It's said that he was one of the most requested characters from the beginning.
Strike Time #22: Unlimited X-Men

Final Thoughts
Whenever I see people who hate Gambit, there's always going to those who hate a character, it's unavoidable, but they usually end up being male readers who are these inadequate self-conscious losers with women and have no sense of humor at all. I'm not expecting everyone to love him, but they can't name a single moment from the canon 616 universe to show why he's such a bad person, just vague reasons, exaggeration, flat out lies, childish naming calling, and the only examples they use are from alternate realities, because somehow those count, but it's just desperation. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of these haters were hypocrites where they like characters who have actually done some pretty terrible things. It seems that many of the haters have barely read any of Gambit's appearances in comics, haven't asked any fans for info on him and just base their hate on the thought that he's just a creepy womanizer from a few episodes of the cartoon and read a summary from a wiki page. I saw a user on a message board make that very same claim, but once they read the comics, their opinion on him changed…

Gambit has a large female fan base, so some of these males proclaiming a character misogynistic should actually try talking to them about it... but then again... their insecure over a fictional drawing of a character for a reason and shockingly... the female fans of Gambit don't give a rat's @$$ what these losers think. Many of these haters turn out to be annoying podcasters.

Ugly overweight bald males or skinny beard hipsters who look like they never comb their hair, shave, change their clothes, haven't bathed in months, god knows when the last time they were near a woman that wasn't as disgusting as they are and they usually turn out to be pedophiles (not all, but many like James Gunn, he doesn't like the character and he fits that description of a pedo perfectly).

Victor Davis Hanson Burr perfectly described these people as prolonged adolescences, and most are in their 30s or 40s. I've seen quite a few who put images of themselves on their avatars, or they use these images of a buff male model as their avatars when they look the complete opposite in real life. The other side are the woke feminist, who pretty much look the same as their male counterparts, the only men they approve of are psychopaths.

Another problem people have with Gambit, they accuse him of "cheating" on Rogue and that he has flirted with every single known woman from the other X-teams (they can't name a single character, but then again, they're definition of "flirting" could mean anything they want it to be) ...the only so-called evidence that Gambit cheated came from a supposed sex tape from a 2004 solo by John Layman... however the content on the tape has never been clarified. Gambit has never been drawn or written cheating on Rogue, nobody can point to an issue or page or shown an image that says and shows without a doubt that happen. The only times in which he did have flings with others was when he and Rogue had already broken up for the "100th time" and those only lasted an issue or two, or a page or even a panel with female characters who are hardly or never seen again after that issue. Gambit is supposed to be a ladies' man, but he's never lived up to that, he's only been with two known characters, Bella Donna and Rogue, both of which he married, he hasn't had any other significant love interest within the X-Men or from any other team or known character... what a scoundrel.

Gambit is a suave, handsome guy who makes women swoon, he's not misleading in his intentions. He would be a creep if he was rejected but he isn't most of the time, women find him devilishly charming and are all over him, this happens all time in the both the fictional world and the real world. I bet those who hate him have none of those qualities, they're just a bunch of miserable boring pathetic losers who have never had a girlfriend or have ever been out on a date or even talk to women face to face... it has to be on a chat stream and when they do talk... good lord...

They rather pay for content, than for actual sex or… for a woman's farts…

These people seem to be part of a 2018 poll where 25% of men who think that asking a woman out for a drink is sexual harassment...

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