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Frosting the ice alien

Frosting the ice alien

Frosting the ice alien by koopa
Frosting the ice alien by koopa


... Was a jolly, happy soul... xD


Ha ha, overreaction... xD

Anyway, this is prolly the ONLY fanchara from this series... Gay name, I know. xD

Age: Unknown... Though she appears 16-17 years. She has the mentality of a sweet nine year old, though. xD

Height: She's 6 feet... She's really tall. x]

Weight: About 250 lbs... For her species, she's about perfect... For the USA, she's fat! xD

Personality: Well, she's hyper and fun, if not eccentric. She's constantly trying to make people happy and she's sorta like a door mat, being stepped on by everyone and all. She's also curious about anything new she learns, and won't stop until she figures out why it's the way it is or until she solves the problem.
Because her height and weight don't really compliment each other, she's kinda clumsy and tends to fall often, tripping even on her own shoes. And also, as her name implies, she has indeed a sweet tooth, which means she's a sucker for anything that even tastes sweet.
So, basically, Frosting is caring, kind, curious, and quite clumsy... That is, of course, in a nutshell.

The only thing is, people get so annoyed at her curiosity that they'll get in her face and tell her to leave them alone. She also isn't very knowledgeable on the word "privacy" and has stumbled upon couples making out/having sex several times while trying to find something. She has been taken advantage of, since she offers hospitality to anyone she thinks needs 'a little TLC'. And one big problem she has is her big bro, Glacius (Yes, I did it!) You better run and RUN FAST when she hides behind Glacius. He'll take it as a hint that you really hurt her feeling this time and beat you or whoever hurt her to a pulp, or, if very serious, kill them. :O


Food: ANYTHING sweet. And cold. Ice cream is a must in her diet. xD

Being: Her big brother.

Place: Home! It's nice and cold... <3

Game: Hmmm, gee, I wonder... xD

Video Game character: Glacius, obviously. Oh, and she likes Spinal and Fulgore, too.

Least Favorite... (From Frosting's PoV)

Food: Spicy things! Bleah...

Being: Cinder... He scares me....

Place: Ultratech's building. So dark and so scary... *Whimper.*

Game: Hmmm... I dunno... *Shrugs.*

Video Game Character: Cinder, that flaming guy of fire... Oh, and that snotty black and red hedgehog everyone talks about doesn't really float my boat either. Sorry! ^^;

Frosting was one of the other beings to answer her bro's distress call from Ultratech. She attempted to get him, but was shot down and landed in the outskirts (Or, rather, forest) of a small, northeastern town waaaay up in the Adirondack Mountains. Found by a small group of people that hiked there, they decided to give her some shelter until they found her home.

What she didn't know at the time was that another one of Glacius' species rescues him. When he finds that his sister also tried to answer his call but was gunned down, he grew frantic and went back. He didn't know that he would get sucked back in 2,500 years back!

As time went on, however, Frosting couldn't adapt perfectly to Earth life as the locals in town hoped. This wasn't Glacia anymore, this was Earth! It wasn't the same, and Frosting got homesick. She never thought that she'd ever get home... Until she was able to grasp her chance.
It was summer, and Frosting was in her human form, as usual. She goes into town to buy some goods but then stops by to look at a sign. Apparently, it's a sign for the third "Killer Instinct" tournament. However, it's not the fact that there's a tournament broad casted in a small town that shocks her, it's a face from the poster: A ninja face, a raptor's, a werewolf's, a woman's, and... a face of Glacius. Determined to get into contact with him, Frosting signs up for this third tournament challenge and uses her knowledge of self defense and natural ice and liquid manipulating abilities to win her way through the fight of her life.

Powers: She has the same abilities Glacius has. However, she uses more self defense skills learned from her hiker care takers.

Fun Facts:

She didn't have a name until one of the hikers named her from her love of sweets and the cold feeling about her. She was originally called "Little One" back at her home planet.

Her favorite genres of music are electronica, hardstyle, techno. Her favorite band is Dark by Design. Look them up.

She's the tallest girl from her class, obviously. ;)

Her theme is "Mad World" by Tears for Fears.

Well, I'm done.

Glacius and species, and Ultratech (c) Rare
Frosting the Alien (c) Me!

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darkblaze06 on June 23, 2008, 6:39:00 AM

darkblaze06 on
darkblaze06Very very interesting! I love the bio as well as the picture. :)

[There's one thing I have to disagree with, though. I love spicy foods. XD]

koopa on June 23, 2008, 6:53:20 AM

koopa on
koopaAww, thanks. =] And thank you for the fave! :)

[Hehehe, spicy foods are alright. I don't eat a lot of it. xD]