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A Short Story Written back in 2018 as one of my very first Alien Fanfictions.
What would have happened if i had set myself in the world of the Xenomorphs?

Perhaps Something along the lines of this?
Set in my Alien Fanfictional Universe: When a Rare King doesn't seem to be enough, another Rare form of Royalty appears.
Originally Written Earlier This Year.
This Somewhat Short Story Follows the events leading up to the Birth of Solara the Xenomorph Queen.

Solara, my OC, is also the Mother of my Other OC, Ghost the Xenomorph King.
A Somewhat Short Story, Originally Written back in June 2019 as one of my Earlier Alien-Type Works.

'Aliens: Revenge' takes place Three and a Half Years after the Supposed Demise of a Rare King Xenomorph.

The Story Primarily sees things from the Weyland-Yutani perspective, as they set out to see what may have become of their old Adversary.

And most importantly, to find out if he is Truly gone.