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Chapter 3 - Power, Wisdom and Courage

Worlds are in danger from a new threat. But Sora is busy with the old threat of Xehanort! It's up to a new Keyblade master, setting forth from the fanfic world of Sonic GeneX, to help protect these worlds from the forces of darkness...and chaos!

Chapter 3 - Power, Wisdom and Courage

Chapter 3 - Power, Wisdom and Courage
Chaos Hearts
Chapter 3 - Power, Wisdom and Courage
World - Hyrule Kingdom

Note: Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are (c) SEGA and
Sonic Team. You knew that, right?
GeneX and related fanchars are (c) 2BIT (TheGreatGator), the author.
Kingdom Hearts is (c) Disney & Square Enix. Related elements belong to their respective companies.
The Legend of Zelda is (c) Nintendo.

"Like the sun, I run, into the heat of day!
Like a knight, I'll fight, until the fight is won!
In a rage, I'll save, each and every, each and every, each and everyone,
'till this war is won!" - Knight of the Wind, Sonic & the Black Knight

Thinking of you, wherever you are...
In Traverse Town, Lucky was informed that Master Yen Sid was the one who secured his transport to this new world. Travis and Gator, on Yen Sid's behalf, arrived to train Lucky to wield his keyblade, so that he can protect the worlds while the other keyblade masters deal with the looming threat of a Keyblade War.
After defeating a newly-darkness empowered Zeke and Zim, Gator brought Lucky's group to Neverland via Winston the Moogle's ship, the Galestrom. Once there, Gator convinced Captian Hook to help train Lucky in combat, but the pirate had his own plans for his trainees. Meanwhile, Peter Pan came across Zeke and Zim tied up and freed them, soon to regret it as they unleashed Heartless upon Neverland. As Lucky teamed with Pan to try and catch Zeke, Hook tried to take the opportunity to take out his nemesis, only to be defeated.
Zeke and Zim encountered Garland, whose future self traveled through time to imbue them with dark power and set them on their path. Finding present-day Garland, Zeke and Zim pledged themselves to his service in exchange for passage off Neverland. Garland needs three sources of power; one of light, one of darkness and one of chaos. Combined, he plans to use them to create a new power; Chaos Hearts!
Now, let us journey to a new world...

Garland sat upon a great throne as Zeke and Zim stood before him. "Seems pretty successful... What's he need us for?" Zim murmured. "Quiet, don't tick him off..." Zeke whispered. Garland glared at them from the darkness under his helmet. "You need to be focused for our task. I will send you to scout out worlds and sow chaos, while I seek openings to take what I need..." he told them, holding out his hand and using darkness to project an image. It appeared to be a trio of golden triangles, forming a yet larger triangle. "There is a great source of light in the world I am sending you to. It might be perfect for my designs... I want you to scout out this world. Seek out this 'Triforce...'" he commanded, raising his other hand to open a corridor of darkness nearby for the pair of them to travel through. Zim hurried to the dark pathway with enthusiasm. "A new world for Zim of the Zeti to conquer! Gya ha ha ha!" he cackled. Zeke scoffed and headed over to join him. "Try not to get in my way, kid. But hey, without Lucky and his twerps to bother us, this should be cake." he snickered. Garland sneered at them. "Do not lower your guard. Darkness has a way of drawing in light to oppose it..." he warned as Zeke and Zim entered the portal. Garland then stood up, slowly approaching the portal himself. "The Triforce is likely too powerful... But this is a good test mission for those two fools..." he mused.

Lucky's group had landed in a vast and beautiful kingdom. Winston told them the name of the kingdom was Hyrule. The Moogle joined them as they roamed the vast field connecting the different areas of the kingdom, planning to gather supplies for their coming journeys. "The bushes here are often filled with Rupees, which I can exchange for Munny in certain places..." Winston stated. Tails was busy tweaking the device he used to detect the presence of darkness. "Too bad Gator had to leave us. I feel like we could've used more training... Wait, what am I saying?" he mumbled. Gator's training wasn't great. Whisk looked a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of their surroundings. "So...where do we go?" she asked. As if in response, heartless emerged to surround them! "Uhh, we stay here for now!" Lucky gulped. These heartless were like goblins, carrying great clubs and having a thorny heart symbol on their chests. Lucky gripped his keyblade and struck at one of their clubs, grunting as he pushed against it. "Yaaah! They're strong!" he yelped. Winston ducked into a bush to hide. "Have at it, kupo! I'm, uh... right here if you need me!" he stammered. Tails equipped his mechanical shield and blocked a club attack as it came at him. "Wanna try some impressive magic, Whisk??" he asked. Whisk twirled her wand. "Fire!!" she called, burning a nearby goblin and causing it to leap around in a panic as it tried to put the flame out. Lucky jumped away from the club strikes of the other goblin and gritted his teeth. "You gotta teach me magic, Whisk..." he sighed, "Meee-yow!! If I live!!" he gasped as a couple goblins came at him quickly! Before they could pummel him, someone dashed onto the scene, slicing a sword in a wide arc through both goblins! The blade seemed to glow briefly, and the goblins groaned before their darkness dispersed and the hearts they contained flew into the sky. Lucky glanced at the person who saved him; A human boy with blonde hair, wearing green clothes complete with a floppy hat. The hero then turned to the other goblins, a fairy flying ahead of him to suggest his next target. "Over here, Link!" the fairy called. With a crash of his sword, Link felled the beasts one by one, making Lucky's group look like amateurs in the process. "...I feel so inadequate..." Lucky sighed. "Aw, I'm sure you'll catch up." Whisk said, patting his shoulder. Tails picked the cowering Winston up out of the bush before glancing at Link. "Uhh, thanks... But who are you?" he asked. The fairy seemed eager to do all the talking. "My name is Navi, and the boy who rescued you is Link... Wielder of the Master Sword and hero of Hyrule!" she announced.

Link looked a bit bashful at how Navi played him up, but there was no time for that. "Um, so... Are heartless a common thing around here?" Whisk asked. Navi glanced at her. "Hmm, you mean those shadow creatures? No, they appeared quite recently, along with the revival of the King of Evil... Ganondorf." she said ominously. Winston gulped. "And with that, I'll wait at the ship now..." he said, rushing off. "King of Evil does sound pretty bad..." Tails said. Link nodded, and Navi continued. "Ganondorf seeks the ultimate power of the Triforce, a relic that can grant any wish its holder desires. But it was split in three pieces the last time he tried to use it, and Ganondorf only has the Triforce of Power. He needs all three pieces to complete the Triforce and make his evil wish...and to that end, he is hunting Hyrule's princess, Zelda." she explained. Lucky scratched his head. "Yeahhh... Sounds like a long story behind all of this, but the gist of it is that we gotta protect the princess, right? We'll do our best to help you with that, Link!" he offered. Link looked a bit surprised, and Tails took Lucky aside. "Do we have time for that?" he asked. "Well, this Ganon...dork... is using the heartless, right? Shouldn't we put a stop to that?" Lucky reasoned. Navi seemed to be conferring with Link at the same time, and the verdict was in once Lucky turned back around. "Okay, we'd be glad for your help!" the fairy said, "We were just on our way to Death Mountain. A mysterious ninja named Sheik told us that the key to defeating Ganondorf might be there." she told them. Whisk let out an intrigued whistle. "Mysterious ninjas... This world is exciting!" she said. "Uhh... DEATH Mountain?" Lucky murmured. Link pointed off in the distance. A volcano with a ring of smoke around it could be seen. Tails nudged Lucky. "Still think this is a good idea?" he asked. Lucky watched as Link started in the direction of the volcano, and he steeled his nerves. "If a hero like Link is willing to go there, I should be willing to try too! Let's go!" he said, trying to sound tough as he followed after the hero of Hyrule. Whisk and Tails glanced at each other awkwardly. "Are we biting off more than we can chew?" Whisk asked. "Almost definitely... Hopefully Link can carry us..." Tails said.

The group passed through Kakariko Village on the way, earning stares from some of the villagers as they went. "Are we maybe supposed to be in disguise?" Lucky asked Tails. "Hmm, there is the whole world order thing, but I think we'll be good if we don't stay long." he stated. As they headed for the trail to Death Mountain, Zeke and Zim stood atop a cliff watching them. "Boss was right! Those twerps found us! Ugh!" Zim groaned. Zeke snickered. "Well, we can slow them down pretty easy... RAWR!!" The dragon's roar drew the group's attention and stopped them in their tracks. "Zeke? Oh, just what we need..." Whisk sighed. Goblin heartless appeared beside Zeke and Zim, each of them grabbing bombs that appeared to be growing out of the cliffside like flowers. "Uh oh... Watch out! Bomb flowers!" Navi warned. The group backed up as the bombs were detonated against the cliff, causing a rockslide that blocked their path forward! "Haha! Try to catch us now, losers!" Zeke taunted, flying away with Zim on his back! Lucky laughed. "Ha! We can just have Whisk teleport us across! Right?" he asked with a grin. Whisk's ears drooped. "I, uh... never learned that spell." she sighed. Tails frowned. "Well, now what?" he wondered. Link looked around curiously, and then gasped as he spotted something...or someONE standing atop the rubble! It was a girl in ninja attire, her face covered by bandages. "Hey...that must be Sheik!" Whisk gasped. Sheik was strumming a harp as the group looked at her. "The cruel march of time seems to take more than it gives. Doors close around us, and it becomes hard to uncover new opportunities sometimes..." she said. Link watched her, intently listening. He seemed like he almost knew who was behind those bandages, but couldn't put his finger on it. "The brave and clever do not dwell on these losses, but instead look to what they have." Sheik continued, "Hero... There is a passage to Death Mountain through the aquatic caverns of Zora's Domain. Alter your course and you will still reach your goal." she told them, "May we meet again safely..." With that, Sheik stowed her harp and tossed a deku seed, its blinding light distracting the group for an instant, long enough for her to vanish. "Wow... She is awesome!" Whisk smiled. "I feel MORE inadequate..." Lucky sighed. "Yeah... I don't think you'll ever be that cool." Tails shrugged.

Unfortunately, the heartless were already at Zora's Domain. Goblins and blue rhapsodies were chasing the fishlike Zora people to and fro as they panicked. Amidst the chaos was a dark man with wild red hair and a flowing cape. It was Ganondorf, and he let out a sadistic laugh as he watched the Zoras flee. "Your cowardice is amusing. But enough of that. Who among you desires to live enough to tell me what I wish to know? Where is Zelda!?" he shouted. Garland stood behind him in the shadows, looking unimpressed. "This show of power is pointless. If we try things my way, I can gather the pieces of the Triforce for you by the evening." he said, "...Besides, this show of force isn't working." Indeed, one Zora among the rest had stood up to fight. Using attacks that were like dancing with the water itself, the Zora princess, Ruto, was pushing back the Goblin heartless to the best of her ability. Ganondorf smirked at this. "This is perfect... Someone important to make an example of." he sneered, glancing at Garland, "Leave me, vermin. There's room for only one King of Evil in this land... And I'm not fool enough to expect Hyrule handed to me on a platter for nothing!" he snarled. At that moment, Lucky and the others dashed into the area. "What the... the water is frozen!" Lucky stammered. "Link!!" Navi gasped, looking across to Ganondorf. "That must be them...whoa! The darkness detector is going haywire from those two!" Tails gulped. "Who's the other guy?" Whisk asked. Garland took the opportunity to duck into a corridor of darkness. "See you later, key bearer..." he whispered. Ruto looked to Link and gasped. "The Master Sword! ...Very well...let's work together!" she said. Ganondorf grunted and pointed straight at them. "My dark legions will devour you, boy! And your friends, as well!" he said with a heinous laugh. The heartless started coming at them, and Lucky gulped. "Well, if we stop him here, maybe we won't need to go to Death Mountain..." he muttered. Ganondorf smirked. "Death Mountain, is it? Could that be where your precious Zelda is?" he grinned. Whisk scowled at Lucky. "Uhh... Ooops..." he chuckled softly. Ganondorf started to walk away at this point, his escape covered by his heartless minions! Link began to strike at them with the Master Sword, but he couldn't destroy them fast enough to catch the evil king! Lucky batted his keyblade at the blue rhapsodies, having an easier time defeating them, and Whisk, Tails and Ruto also pitched in to make quick work of the heartless, but Ganondorf was already gone.

Tails sighed. "Next time, don't mention where we're going to the bad guy..." he told Lucky. The cat really felt down now. "Maybe I shoulda waited on the ship with Winston..." he sighed. "Don't despair." Ruto told them, "I can lead you to a shortcut to the Goron City in the heart of Death Mountain." she stated. Whisk smiled. "Great! Good thing we ran into you!" she said. Ruto gave Link a longing gaze. "It has been a long time... You do remember your vow to marry me, don't you?" she asked, making Link gasp and blush. Lucky had a completely stunned look as well. "Guuuh... He what?" the cat babbled. Navi fluttered about nonchalantly. "That, uh... is between the two of them." she stated. Link rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, and Ruto giggled at him. "I understand. Your destiny lies elsewhere. At least permit me to aid you on your quest... Take this, Link." she said, handing him something. It appeared to be a sort of spring-loaded...grappling hook? Link turned and lifted it over his head like in was an amazing, incredible prize, and Navi boldly proclaimed "You got the hookshot! Using this, you can grab onto faraway objects and pull yourself across chasms!" Lucky, Whisk and Tails glanced at each other like the hero and fairy were a little nuts, but Lucky shrugged. "He's the big hero." he said. Ruto then motioned for them to follow, taking them to the secret path that would lead them to Goron City. They had to swim a bit, which left Lucky and Whisk a bit annoyed. "Nobody told me I'd have to get wet..." Lucky groaned. "My wings are waterlogged..." Whisk sighed. Tails dried off his darkness detector once they were on the other side. "Good thing my gadgets are waterproof... Uh oh, I'm picking up a signal..." he gulped, "It seems like the heartless are already loose in the Goron City!" he warned. Link's eyes narrowed, and he ran off ahead. "Aaaand there he goes... Kid doesn't talk much, does he?" Lucky murmured. "Well, come on! He might need our help!" Whisk said, following after him. "...Your help, maybe..." Lucky sighed.

The Goron chief, Darunia, was busy whirling around a giant hammer to smash the Goblin heartless surrounding him. Sheik had joined the fray as well, using various ninja tricks to keep the heartless at bay. Link arrived to find that they were fighting on a high cliff of the multi-leveled Goron City, but the hero was pretty low. He pulled out the hookshot and fired it to pull himself higher while Lucky and co. arrived. "Hey! How are we supposed to follow!?" Lucky shouted. "...Take the stairs..." Tails sighed. "Sorry, the stairs are occupied!" shouted Zim, as he hopped out with an entourage of soldier heartless joining him! Zeke dropped down with a pair of wyvern heartless at his side as well. "This city's ours, chumps! Why don't you run along home?" the dragon smirked. Lucky gripped his keyblade angrily. "I'm not going home without taking you with me!" he shouted. Tails charged at Zim with his shield, smacking aside soldiers on his way! Zim pushed back against the shield easily, demonstrating his deceptive strength. "Think I can't take you, pipsqueak?" the zeti smirked. "Thunder!!" Whisk cried, zapping Zim and enabling Tails to knock him over! "Who are you calling pipsqueak?" Tails muttered. Lucky leapt at the wyverns, trying to strike them with his keyblade only for them to rise out of reach and drop back down to kick him! "Ow!! Coward! Get down here and fight fair!" he yelled. Navi flew over to one of the wyverns at that moment. "Hey!" the fairy called to Link, who shot his hookshot to grab and pull the wyvern to him, slicing it apart easily! "...I wanna do iiiit!!" Lucky whined. The battle above seemed to be going well, with Link and Darunia proving to be real powerhouses together. "Ha! I had this covered, but well met, brother!" Darunia grinned, glancing at Link. Suddenly, everyone heard a shriek come from Skeik! "Okay, up those stairs!" Lucky grunted, running right past Zeke. "But, but... I'm the big, bad dragon... Don't ignore me!" Zeke growled. As Lucky arrived overhead, he saw Sheik entrapped in some sort of crystal, Ganondorf stepping behind her. "You thought you could conceal yourself, but I can smell the Triforce of Wisdom on you... Princess!" he said with a sneer. As Sheik struggled, a glowing triangle appeared on her hand, and in a flash, the ninja was replaced with a delicate-looking princess! Link stared in shock, and Navi responded in kind. "Sh-sheik is actually... Princess Zelda!?" she gasped. "...I knew that." Darunia remarked, though turning to see her trapped, his expression turned appropriately worried.

Link charged at Ganondorf. He couldn't let the evil king get away with this! The dark lord smirked and created a barrier of darkness before him. "Even the Master Sword can't contend with the Triforce of Power. Give it up, boy." he taunted. Link struck at the dark barrier, his blade bouncing off it. Frustrated, he struck again, shouting in desperation. His courage unwavering, a glowing triangle mark soon appeared on the back of his hand, too, empowering him to shatter the dark barrier! Ganondorf gasped, but then started to wear a wide grin. "The Triforce of Courage... right under my nose..." he smirked. The dark lord reached toward Link, but then noticed Darunia, Lucky, Whisk and Tails advancing on them. Fighting all of them in this confined space was not the most favorable odds he could gain. Ganondorf rose up into the air, taking Zelda's crystal with him. "Are you listening, boy? You have something I want, so I'll make you an offer. Make haste to my tower within the day. Do this, and you can prolong your precious Zelda's life!" he declared. With a great flash of dark energy, Ganondorf and Zelda were gone, leaving a worried Link behind. "...We need to hurry to Ganondorf's Tower! Quick, Link!" Navi said. Lucky looked around. "Hey, where'd Zeke go?" he asked. Whisk shrugged. "Maybe that Ganon-dude scared him off." she suggested. Darunia saw Link looking for the nearest exit and stepped after him, setting down his massive hammer. "Hold on, brother. You'll never make it in time like that. Zelda led you here for a reason. She'd entrusted me with something that I think will help you out a great deal now." he told him. Link turned to Darunia curiously, and he smirked. "This is the royal family's secret treasure! Guess Zelda thought only the Gorons were tough enough to keep it safe! Now I'm countin' on you to tough it out from here, brother!" he said, handing something to Link. Once again, the hero lifted it high over his head, so Lucky could see what it was. It...appeared to be some sort of fancy flute. Navi looked quite excited. "You've got the Ocarina of Time! Its melodies have special powers! Perhaps these powers will lead us to Ganondorf?" she asked. "...Everyone keeps giving him presents..." Lucky murmured. "Where does he keep all this stuff?" Whisk added.

Darunia got out some bongos in a moment. "Zelda also taught me a melody. It should get you to Ganondorf's Tower in a flash." he said, starting to teach Link the song. During the music lesson, Lucky and his friends got in a huddle. "We shouldn't let him go. He's playing right into Ganon-donk's hands." Tails stated. Lucky frowned. "But we have to go! He's gonna kill Zelda! ...And without Link, what chance do we have of winning? I'm useless..." he sighed. Whisk patted him on the shoulder. "Cut it out!" she said before socking that same shoulder. "Ow!" Lucky yelped. "You're not useless. You can do things Link can't." she said. Lucky groaned, rubbing his shoulder. "Like get beat up by a girl?" he frowned. Tails sighed. "She's right, Lucky. Have more confidence. We need you, buddy." he said. Finally, Navi flew amidst the trio. "Are you coming? We're ready to go!" she said. Lucky nodded. "...We don't have to sing backup for you, do we?" he asked. Link shook his head and brought the Ocarina to his lips as the others came over. As he played a haunting melody, the group was whisked away by a magical light, carried off to Ganon's Tower, which they soon saw was a tall and foreboding tower on a dark and ominous mountain. They could faintly hear organ music within. "Not too late to turn back..." Tails murmured. Link clutched the Master Sword and approached the massive doors. Lucky raised his hand with a question. "Hey, we magicked ourselves here, how did Ganon-doofus get here so fast?" he asked. "...Uh...magic..." Whisk murmured with a dumbfounded expression. With that "plot hole" sorted, the group opened the doors and crept into Ganon's Tower...

The tower was occupied by Ganondorf's own forces rather than the heartless. Skeletal Stalfos warriors were the primary threat as Link led the others through the tower. Lucky set his focus on downing the easier enemies, the Keese bats that would fly down to get in their way. "Don't just settle, Lucky. You won't improve if you don't take risks." Tails told him. As Link found his path barred by a trio of Stalfos, Lucky considered those words. "Alright, I guess I should try..." he said. However, before they could do anything, a group of Goblin heartless leapt on the Stalfos from behind and began to beat them into a pile of broken bones! "Huh...??" Whisk murmured, turning to find Zeke and Zim walking into the room. "No need to thank us, kids. Run along ahead..." Zeke grinned. Link gave them a confused look, but then turned to continue his trek up the tower. "Wait!" Lucky stammered, "...Why are you helping us, Zeke?" he asked. Zim took issue with that. "We're not helping YOU, you pitiful feline, we are working on a glorious scheme--" Before he could say more, Zeke picked him up and covered his mouth. "He's just hyper, ignore him. I've had a change of heart, buddy... Don't you believe me?" he smirked. Tails stared at him, eyes narrowing. "You guys must be after the Triforce for yourselves for some reason... So you want to make sure all three pieces come together. You're hoping if we beat Ganondorf, you can take the complete Triforce from us!" he reasoned out. Zeke dropped Zim and growled. "Why does every version of you gotta be so smart? Alright, let's smash 'em!" he growled. Whisk turned to Lucky. "...Go catch up to Link! We can handle these two clowns!" she told him. "You sure?" Lucky asked, a bit concerned. Whisk nodded. "Trust me, like I'm trusting you... Also, look out!" she yelped, teleporting aside as a Goblin came at them, whirling its club! Lucky jumped out of the way with a "Meee-yow" and started towards the stairs Link had gone up. Zeke cackled as he fled. "That's it, pipsqueak, run away! That's all you'll ever be good for!" he taunted. Whisk called back to him as he hesitated. "Go, Lucky! Don't listen to Zeke! You can help more at Link's side! Believe in yourself!" she told him. Lucky took a breath and nodded, going after the hero. He wasn't sure how he'd help against the King of Evil, but he knew he had to try.

Ganondorf was the one playing the organ when they arrived at the top of the tower. Zelda was trapped in the crystal near him. Lucky caught up to Link as he approached the Evil King slowly. "All right, you! You're gonna let the princess go!" Lucky shouted, clutching his keyblade. Ganondorf let out a chuckle, slowly getting up from his seat. "I have a counter-offer, kid... The hero will throw down the Master Sword right now, or he will watch me pry the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda by snuffing out her life! Then, I will do the same to you... So think of your future. Give up the Triforce willingly and live, or put up a fight, and I promise you Zelda will die before you reach me!" he sneered. As Lucky listened to Ganondorf's threats, he looked around the room nervously. What could he do here? His eyes thought he saw an odd flash of light for a moment... a keyhole. It was faint, but it seemed to be on the front of the crystal. Like it was calling out to him. Lucky defiantly pointed his keyblade. "Here's my counter-counter offer!" he said, a beam of light passing from his keyblade to the crystal, unlocking Zelda's prison and causing it to vanish! As Ganondorf looked in shock, Zelda lobbed a deku nut to distract him! In the next instant, she was by Link's side! "You've lost, Ganondorf! Now that we are united, it is two Triforce pieces against one! You can't overcome us!" Zelda warned him. Ganondorf wiped his eyes free of light and started to cackle wildly. "Heh heh heh... Heeeeh heh heh ha ha haaaa!! You foolish children! This changes nothing! I can still pry the Triforce from your cold dead bodies!" he shouted, raising his hand to show the glowing mark of the Triforce of Power! "I have more than just Power! I am fueled by darkness itself! So use all the trinkets you like! In the end, I will bring death and calamity to you all...and Hyrule will be MINE!!" Lucky backed up nervously, seeing darkness overtake Ganondorf's body, only the Triforce of Power glowing as a source of light upon him. From the darkness, Ganondorf began to transform, but also the tower started to rumble! "Th-this place is going to fall apart!" he yelped. "Link! Let's get out of here!" Navi suggested. Link and Zelda both nodded, and they all started to flee. "Whisk, Tails!! Run for your lives!!" Lucky called down. Ganondorf's voice roared after them. "There's no escape!! I will be your demise!!" he declared.

As everyone sped outside, the tower crumbled into a pile of rubble. Looking back, Lucky and Link saw Ganondorf emerge from the rubble, now taking a monstrous form! He was a massive beast, some sort of hulking boar clutching a pair of massive blades! Link and Lucky hurried back towards the beast despite Whisk and Tails' hesitance. "Th-that thing'll pound you into the dirt! Come back!" Tails gasped. Zelda went to join them, holding a great bow. "They'll need my help..." she said. Once they got close, a wall of flame blocked Whisk and Tails from approaching, as well as Zeke and Zim. "Well, guess we should watch the show..." Zeke sighed. Ganon snarled at Link and Lucky, swinging his huge blades at them and forcing them to block with their own blades, straining to hold him back. "Urrrrghhh!! Man, what do they feed you??" Lucky groaned. Zelda stood back and produced a glowing arrow of light, aiming it at Ganon's head. "This will weaken him..." she said, shooting the beast right between the eyes and causing him to double back, roaring in pain! Link took the opportunity to slash at his chest, while Ganon reacted by kicking him back! He then swatted Lucky with the broad side of his sword, knocking him over! "Yaaaahh!! Ughh... He's too big..." he groaned, holding his arm as he stood up. While Ganon and Link traded sword strikes, Lucky glanced over and saw something peculiar about the beast's tail. It seemed to be glowing. A weak spot? Lucky ran at him to try a strike at his tail, but Ganon swung his second sword at him, forcing him to leap backwards over it! Zelda saw what he was doing and nodded, adjusting her position to aim her arrow at his tail. "We'll see if this knocks him off-balance..." she said, letting her arrow fly! Ganon swiftly leapt into the air, kicking Link and swatting away the arrow with his blade! The arrow fell to the floor near Lucky while Link fell onto his back! "Hurry, Link! Get up!" Navi cried as Ganon raised his blades over him. Link positioned his sword to block as Ganon started to bring the blades down... Then, the beast roared in pain, falling to his knees! Lucky had plunged the light arrow into his glowing tail, wounding Ganon! "Now, Link! Strike Ganon with the Master Sword! And once he's weakened... I'll finish this!" Zelda cried. Link stood up and found Ganon struggling to do the same, the beast's eyes glaring with hate. It was now or never!

Moving fast, Link plunged the Master Sword into Ganon's forehead, making Tails and Whisk look away. "Eeew..." they grimaced. However, Ganon was so pulsing with dark power that he would not die. So, Zelda focused the magical power of the Triforce of Wisdom and set to her task. "With all the magic power I can muster... Ganondorf... I seal you away so that you may never threaten Hyrule again!!" With a brilliant flash of light, Ganondorf vanished, appearing somewhere else...somewhere he couldn't harm them... "Curse you, Zelda!! Do not think this seal...will hold me forever!!" he cried. As the wall of flame died down and Zeke realized what had happened, a corridor of darkness appeared nearby to take him and Zim from Hyrule. "Aw, wait! We can fix this!" Zim protested. Zeke lifted him up and sighed. "No we can't. The Triforce is out of our reach now. We'll have to find another light source for Master Garland..." he murmured. Tails and Whisk ran to Lucky's side, looking relieved. "Boy, I thought you were a goner, Lucky!" Tails sighed. "Gee, thanks a lot!" Lucky chuckled. "No, I would've teleported him out if he got in real trouble..." Whisk chuckled. Lucky stared at her. "Why didn't you teleport in to HELP??" he stammered. Link chuckled softly, smiling at them. Zelda smiled as well. "Hyrule is grateful for your aid, travelers. You have proven yourselves heroes... Just like our hero." she said, looking at Link. "They could still use some guidance though!" Navi stated, "Maybe I should go with them now!" Lucky, Whisk and Tails chuckled awkwardly. "Uhh, I don't think that'll be necessary." Lucky said. "But speaking of, I think it's time to go..." Tails noted, "The darkness in this world has been defeated, and we still need to find Sonic." he pointed out. Zelda nodded. "We wish you safe travels. Do not worry for the fate of Hyrule... We can handle it from here." she smiled, as Link smiled next to her. Lucky grinned. "I'm sure the kingdom will tell legends, of its hero Link and its princess Zelda!" he said. "...Legend of Link...? Hmmm... Ehh..." Whisk murmured, unimpressed with how that sounded.

Soon, Lucky and friends were back aboard Winston's Gummi ship, the Galestrom. As they soared away from Hyrule, Lucky looked out the window and sighed. "You guys think I'll ever be a great hero like Link?" he asked. "Nope." Winston blurted as he steered the ship. Lucky frowned. "Tell me what you REALLY think..." he sighed. Whisk placed her arm around him with a smile. "Aww, don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll do great, Lucky." she said. Tails sat back, tinkering with his shield weapon. "And if you never get any good, we can always turn to Sonic... If we ever find him..." he murmured. None of them were sure where their journey would take them next, but they'd do their best to follow Link's example and face their challenges with courage, like true heroes.

To be continued...


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