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This may not sound like Touhou,but it is!It''s about Shanghai and Alice,and how Alice is acting strange after a mysterious forest appears.
SPECTRE team, a squad of the elite mutated soldiers. Follow theie struggle against the chimera, aliens bent on domination of the earth. Thrills and spills wait in this action packed story of comradeship and strength against the darkest situations.
Aqui você encontra dicas de games e historias feitas por mim tudo sobre Final Fantasy é claro.
A lone helghast wandered the decayed cityscape. He didn't know where he was going, he didn't know what he was to do. He only knew one thing: He was sick of this war.
Chao witness Shadow playing with unicorn and are interviewed.
Outtakes from your favorite Video Games on and off the screen.

Latest Chapter: Crossover

Next Chapter: Kingdom Hearts
ask and you can b in it!
this story describes the other side of sora
Me and some of my closest friends decide to go into kingdom hearts, but our telprter breaks, so how will we get back?
Characters That I am putting into a game I hope to produce.
Comments Plz! If you have any character ideas, email me.!
One afternoon Riku, Sora, Kairi, and Namane,  were hangng around in Sora's house.Riku was litterally hanging on a pole he was bored to hell and didn't feel like being sarcastic at the time. Kairi and Namane were playing a video game.Sora and Roxsas were playing chess(it was either chess or preety princess)."Checkmate I win!" Sora shouted tryumphitly."What the hell!?" Roxsas shouted.

my randomly random-ness....0.o
When Boyd goes woodcutting for the team's campfire, he stumbles upon something, or someone. When he finds this someone, Ike's posse becomes teamates and a mixture of aunts and uncles and brothers and sisters at the same time. Then the child's mother sudde
Did they save Belle after she jumped?
I haven't written any installments in a while. So now i have....(finally)
A Suikogaiden-type story taking place not long before Suikoden III. It tells the backstory of how Estella and Rody reached Alma Kinan. Along the way Rody meets two strange people on his own little adventure.
Inspired by Runescape.
It's just bios of my OCs.
After the tournament and the exploding of Heihachi Mishima. Rayman and Sonic wake up and Sonic goes to the Black Tower. Rayman and his friends go after him on an adventure!! Read r1, r2 & r3
Ever wandered who the strongest Final Fantasy character was? Well a whole bunch of FF characters come face to face in a colluseum. All FF fans should come here!
A sequel to Rayman VS Sonic the Hedgehog. The Audience has a new alcoholic member, SEPHIROTH!
A disaster happens when kingdom hearts characters Cloud and Aerith have a honeymoon at Disney Castle
Rayman goes to comfront Sonic and co. While Luigi, Mario, Link, Heihachi and Pac-Man watch eatin Popcorn!
The story for a game my friends and I are making.