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Chapter 2 - Coincidence

AU. Hikaru never entered the professional Go world, opting instead to placate Sai with NetGo and Go Salons. Years pass by and now Hikaru is a normal office employee going about his daily life until…

Chapter 2 - Coincidence

Chapter 2 - Coincidence

It was just another day at work, another day of eating out during lunch. Akari wouldn't mind if he'd just went to get a bowl or two of ramen for lunch, but that was only as long as he eats healthy for the rest of the week. Shaking himself out of his thinking, he looked up to see that his feet had led him to the doors of a well-known ramen shop. Opening the door, his senses were greeted by a waft of freshly cooked and mouth-watering ramen smells. The owner behind the counter greeted him with a wide smile and gestured for him to take a seat anywhere he'd like.

Hikaru nodded and sat down in a seat at the counter, placing an order for one pork ramen and another bowl of miso ramen. He took off his suit jacket, folded it and placed it beside him on the counter top, waiting patiently. As it was the lunch rush hour, there were many customers seated in the small establishment waiting for their ramen. Taking his time to look around the room, he noticed a magazine rack beside the door and went to retrieve a copy or two to read just to pass the time. As he neared them, he recognized a few copies of Go Weekly lying at the top of the pile, grabbed them quickly and returned to his seat.

"One pork and miso ramen each!" was called out soon enough and he grabbed his two orders, sliding them along the counter to his seat. Taking a pair of one-use chopsticks, he pulled them apart, picked up a mouthful of ramen and dug right in. While he was happily slurping away at his noodles, he didn't notice the store's door opening and letting in two younger customers. They made a beeline for the counter seats, taking the two to his left. "Two chicken ramen, sir!" one of then called out.

"Alright, two chicken ramen coming right up!"

The two boys started chattering about various things until one of them noticed the stack of magazines beside Hikaru. "Hey, mister, can we—ah! It's you!" the red-haired boy of the two shouted loudly, finger out and pointing in an accusatory manner. A few heads turned around to the source of the loud sound to see a teenage boy pointing at an office employee. Hikaru finally looked up, slightly alarmed at the sudden yell in his left ear. However, his face took on an enlightened look as he recognized the two boys; they were the same ones from the Go salon he'd visited a few days ago.

"Oh, it's you two again," Hikaru replied congenially, waving for the other customers to return to their own business, "Here for a good bowl or two of ramen as well?"

The red-haired boy just stared dumbly at Hikaru's calm and composed reaction to is prior outburst.

"He's really sorry for surprising you like that sir," his blue-haired friend apologized quickly. Discreetly, he elbowed his friend, nudging for him to apologize as well.

Blinking out of his stupor, the red-haired boy nodded quickly, his face blushing hotly in embarrassment, as he bowed his head and mumbled out a quick, "Sorry."

Hikaru stared at the two apologetic boys for a moment before bursting out in laughter as the scene displayed before him, before quickly waving his hand in front of the two boys' shocked looking faces to dismiss his laughter. "No, no, it's quite alright. I used to be pretty rude and brash when I was your age, probably still am."

An awkward silence fell over them before one of the boys spoke. "Uhm, I'm Ohka Tetsuo, sir," the blue-haired boy introduced himself before gesturing to his friend, "and he's—"

"I can introduce myself just fine!" the red-haired boy interrupted, pushing Ohka out of Hikaru's line of sight. He pointed to himself, thumb jabbing at his chest, "And I'm Taguchi Shun, insei extraordinaire and future Hon`inbo!"

Hikaru deliberated a few seconds, letting what the child said to sink in before replying, "It's very nice to meet you then, Ohka-kun, Taguchi-kun." He smiled at the two Go playing boys, there was hope yet for the future of Go.


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