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((for reference))
this is were all my songs for characters go
this is a story that was inspired by something that i read like forever ago
These Girls Fight Boys To Get There Right
it is a poem about kagome and her sadness. please comment. this is a poem that might be for other people that is going through what kagome is.
This is my first drawing of Trunks and I love it a lot!
If You Like Love Stories, This Is Only Half That Though. I Love Wrighting And Making Things Up. But I Do Hope You Like It. By The Way This Is Season One Chapter One.
This is a little fanfic about what would happen if Hinata had to live with the naruto boys. it takes place in modern day.
how to be a manga otaku, the ins outs, and the oddities of being a otaku, start yourself on the road to otakuism!
hinata. what more can i say?
it's a story that i wrote and added in my user name there is sexy-sasusaku-girl
Its about a 14 year old girl who has no friends who loves anime,and mangas. She uses anime as an escape from her life so she could feel like she's wanted by someone or something.
users ask neji questions
Full Metal Alchemist fanfic. Between a water alchemist named Dana and Roy Mustang. Written in first person. REALLY LONG
A story based on Bleach hope you like^^
Sayuri is your average Japanese high-school student. Well, she was, until she met an odd young boy. Who is this boy, and what's so odd about him?
OKAY! I'm going to make you all a deal!

If I can MAKE YOU LAUGH in ANY of the following "chapters", YOU HAVE to send this to AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON.

And if I can't, vote me :(.

Okay? Okay? Alright?

Here we go!
This is a story I decided to turn it into a manga because it would be so much better as one. I will be putting my character's pictures on my page as soon as possible. But, the story will have to do for now. Please leave comments and be kind.
Just so I can have my old pro back to normal, here's my 100 theme list. Don't forget, always lookin' for more OC's to use. ;)
My first story
yeah this is all of my RPC's profiles